Top 6 Reasons We're Really Excited for Fallout 4

    We’re really, really excited for Fallout 4. The trailer released yesterday after a mysterious countdown showed up on the Fallout website. Although there’s no official release date for the new game yet, the whole Internet is exploding in excitement for Fallout 4. We are, too!

    1. Dogmeat & Rex

    fallout-3-dogmeat If you haven’t seen the trailer yet… WATCH IT NOW. Obviously, the most important aspect of the trailer is the dog. As we all know, Fallout 3 featured an animal companion named Dogmeat. Fallout: New Vegas featured a robotic animal companion named Rex. Front and center, featured in the new trailer, is (hopefully!) our next animal companion.

    2. Hoax was a website that went up some months ago, causing massive speculation for a few hours. The domain’s WHOIS information (information about who the domain name belongs to) even read that it was registered to ZeniMax Media — the same company that makes the Fallout series now. It took the company coming out to kill the rumors — and there was <em>much</em> disappointment.

    3. Because We Haven’t Had Any New Fallout Since 2010

    No, seriously. It’s been almost five years since New Vegas came out, in 2010. Fallout 3 was before that, even, in 2008. We had Skyrim to stave off some of the cravings… but dragons just ain’t the same as laser rifles and Enclave Eyebots.

    4. It’s in Boston!

    fallout-4-fenwayThe trailer clearly reveals The State House, Paul Revere’s Statue, Fenway Park, and the USS Constitution. It’s Fallout — in Boston! Fallout 3 took place in the utterly decimated Capital Wastelands, the heavily-damaged area around Washington D.C. Fallout: New Vegas took place in the desert wastelands of the west, around the Las Vegas area. We’re excited to see Boston because of the mysterious Institute, supposedly holding the most advanced technology left in the post-apocalyptic world.

    5. The Fat Man & The Experimental MIRV

    Experimental_Mirv_firingIf you’ve played Fallout 3, you remember The Fat Man. This mini-nuke launcher was a fan favorite in the game — along with its more badass counterpart, The Experimental Mirv. The Fat Man launched only one mini-nuke… The Experimental MIRV launched eight. While fun to use, both weapons had a tendency to cause player death when used improperly — and they’re only two of the fun guns you can pick up in Fallout 3. Just makes us wonder — what’s in store for Fallout 4?

    6. Because It’s Freaking Fallout

    Do other post-apocalyptic RPGs even exist? Maybe. Probably. But who cares? Fallout 4 is here.


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