New Theory Exclusive with Actor, Fight Choreographer & Martial Artist – Joshua Boyes!

    I had a great time interviewing actor, fight choreographer & martial artist, Joshua Boyes.

    Rachel Dares: Tell us a bit about yourself.

    Joshua Boyes: I grew up in small town in Bay Point, CA. I currently hold a 4th degree black belt and am a certified martial arts instructor. I’m a personal trainer, a fight choreographer and actor. I enjoy training both kids and adults in my martial arts community.

    Rachel Dares: When did you first find your passion in martial arts?

    Joshua Boyes: I discovered my passion in martial arts at a very young age while watching martial arts cartoons with my cousins. I got even more interested in the practice after watching the movie, Bloodsport.

    My aunt was the one that introduced me to ATA Martial Arts Taekwondo when I was 14 years old. It was the best gift she could have given me. I trained with my instructor, Mr. Bright who got me into the leadership program, where I, eventually, became a martial arts instructor.

    Rachel Dares: You’ve started dabbling in acting, how has that been going? And, what projects are you currently working on?

    Joshua Boyes: Yes, I have always dreamt of becoming an actor, especially after watching movies of Van Damme. I was recently discovered last year by a casting director by the name of Randi Acton. She had asked me if I wanted to be in a movie. I said yes, and it’s history from there. I have shot the movie, “Enter the Fire” starring Ian Lauer and Lou Ferrigno. It’s an action packed film and was extremely fun to be a part of. I also shot another movie called “Notorious Nick”. It’s based on a true story about a young man with one arm who became an MMA champion. It truly inspired me by not letting limitations get in the way of your goals. Both movies are now in post-production and slated to come out this year, so watch out for them!

    Rachel Dares: What more can we expect from you in the future?

    Joshua Boyes: You can expect that I’m going to continue honing my acting skills by working with casting director, Sally Forcier. She’s been a great mentor & instructor.

    And, I’m hoping to continue to do more movies in the future. So, you can expect to see me on the big screen!

    Rachel Dares: How are your fans able to connect with you?

    Joshua Boyes: Fans can connect with me on my website at I’m also on Facebook @joshua.boyes8 and on IstaGram @boyesjoshua  See also for beast tae kwondo uniforms.


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