Encrypted Smartphones Key Tools In Fight Against Cyber Attacks

    The past two years have been eventful to say the least, but in the world of electronic security they will surely be remembered as a period of great intensification in the war against cyber crime. With multiple high-profile cases in which even very secure systems were compromised by hacking, businesses of every size and industry have become increasingly aware of how vulnerable their communications are to corporate espionage and data theft.     

    With cyber security such a vital and fast-moving element of communications technology, it is more important than ever to learn about the latest mobile encryption technology that can guarantee secure end-to-end communications and protect your correspondence. Standard email is less secure than most Canadians realize, and even if you don’t believe the content of your communications is particularly sensitive, it is important to remember that cyber attackers don’t only focus on large companies, government agencies, and political campaigns: almost anyone can be a target.

    If cyber security is a battle to keep your communication safe, an encrypted smartphone is one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal. Encryption is near impossible to crack, and the privacy of an encrypted message sent between two secure users is guaranteed. Even if the message is intercepted, without the private encryption key, it will be unreadable. Encryption does, however, have one drawback: it can be bypassed by malware that enters the phone through another avenue. In order to make sure an encrypted message is completely safe, is to send it from a phone that is dedicated solely to email.  

    While PGP encryption has been around since 1991, it can be difficult to get maximal use out of it without expert help. Not only is the software itself extremely complex, but in order to make sure one encrypted phone can talk to another requires that both phones be encrypted with the same technology. Because encryption can be bypassed if hidden malware is present, it is far safer to guard yourself by having a secure mobile phone encrypted professionally.

    This is why more and more companies are turning to external encryption providers who can equip Blackberry smartphones with state-of-the-art PGP encryption. Blackberry’s enterprise servers can restrict the phone to solely to email functions, and with the help of a third party encryption company, like Calgary-based Myntex, PGP Blackberry smartphones can be set up to allow private conversations between members of a secure network. To facilitate secure business outside the company, these phones will also be able to talk to other groups on the encryption company’s whitelist of groups whose security is compatible. This keeps harmful and dangerous malware out, while allowing productive conversations to continue anytime and anywhere.  

    PGP technology is constantly advancing to stay ahead of new malware and hacking methods, but Myntex’s AES 256 bit PGP encryption and use of the 4096 bit RSA key format provides state-of-the-art coverage that, if properly installed, will keep your confidential conversations confidential.  If you’re interested in getting mobile security check out Lookout for the best security for your mobile.


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