Valentine’s Day Dessert Wines for the Sweet Tooth

    dessert wines for valentine's day ideas

    Are you ready for Valentine’s Day or still contemplating a gift to buy your special someone? If the later, you can’t go wrong with V-Day sweets and some bottles of dessert wines. So it is time to get familiar on which wines you should drink along with your favorite sweets and the love of your life.

    Dessert Wines & Perfect Pairings

    Divine dessert wines are perfect for the beginning and the end of a Happy Valentine’s Day. Naturally sweet and fortified wines can help you balance out savory courses throughout the special day. Learn about the most popular sweet wines as well as fortified wines. If you want sweet or dry wine that packs a real punch, buy fortified wines like Madeira, Port and Sherry. For dessert wine pairings, it is highly recommended to have some amount of sweetness in the wines to make for a positively memorable Valentine’s Day dessert. As for dry wines, they make perfect aperitifs because the acid shines while sugar can mask it. If you are going to do a dry wine, have it before the start of your feast as briny, bittersweet notes will make the palate stand out.

    Rule of thumb for pairing dessert with dessert wine

    Dessert wine should be just as sweet or sweeter than your Valentine’s Day dish. Ideally, you want to match the intensity of your flavors to let every quality in the meal shine. For example, try Banyuls, a fortified wine made from Grenache in southern France for chocolate desserts as its violet, black currant aromas will embrace the chocolate. In short, dessert wine pairing is all about creating harmony. If you are not a chocolate fan, you can always pair Vin de Constance with a pineapple upside cake. Or Lemon tarts, fruit sorbets and passionfruit semifreddo with this wine for a heavenly choice. Check more sweet wines and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


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