More millennials prefer trendy clothing that is different

    The millennial generation is one of the largest age groups that are currently shaping our economy. More specifically, they are helping the e-commerce space expand annually. According to recent statistics, the rate of online shopping is increasing each year thanks to millennials doing more than half of their shopping online. Among the millions of items available online, trendy clothing is a sector in the fashion industry that is peaking interest in millennials, especially among men.

    It’s no secret that stylish menswear is on the rise, and it’s not expected to slow down anytime soon. Online trendy clothing websites, like Differio, are discovering that millennial males are gravitating towards men’s fashion that is far from classic and traditional menswear. They are more interested in finding men’s clothing online that helps define their personal style over looking like fashion-fad clones.

    Style is more important than brand names

    Unless you are a self-proclaimed sneakerhead or trend chaser, most millennial males prefer trendy clothing by indie clothing brands rather than designer clothes for men. While some men’s streetwear trends gravitate towards glorifying a logo, there are also a number of stores with urban clothing for men, like Differio, that are finding more success by focusing on cool clothing styles. This is probably why menswear stores with fast fashion clothes for men have been gaining momentum. Rather than showing off a logo on a simple graphic t-shirt, they are choosing moto-inspired zippered tees and asymmetrical longline tees. 

    Guys are getting more experimental with menswear

    Apart from choosing trendy clothing over brand-name menswear, millennial males are not afraid to experiment with different clothing styles. You’ve probably heard of popular menswear trends, like men’s rompers, jumpsuits, meggings, and utility kilts, gaining major hype because the clothes are so different from what men traditionally wear. Although we cannot ever anticipate suits and blazers to disappear, men are choosing trendy clothing styles that are bolder, edgier and sexier than ever before.

    Likewise, this appreciation for experimental menswear goes beyond just obtaining sexy clothes for men. Since the invention of the selfie, more men are determined to achieve a flawless look that they can share on social media. But, how exactly are they achieving their selfie goals? It is a new movement in the beauty industry called makeup for men. From brow filler to lipstick for men, they are buying the same face-enhancing makeup products that have been in women’s purses for decades. So, don’t be surprised if you start seeing more men wearing makeup at bars, parties or even the office. 

    Wearing less suits and more casual clothing

    Millennials are one of the most health-conscious generations. Social media is already overwhelmed with fitness hashtags, like “fitness Fridays” and “fitness motivation.” With all this newfound drive to live healthier lifestyles, menswear is shifting to accommodate them with more casual styles of trendy clothing like the athleisure boom. 

    Men are trading in their stiff slacks for twill jogger pants. It is even more acceptable across the workplace to wear skinny joggers and graphic t-shirts. As more millennials continue to experiment with casual, trendy clothing, we can only expect these trends to grow exponentially even after generation Z. 


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