Why You Should Gamble Online VS. In The Casino

    We have all seen the commercials for Las Vegas or Atlantic City where there is a group of guys or girls strutting through the casino, giving high fives as they are having the time of their life.  Although Las Vegas and Atlantic City still can be a load of fun, being an Entrepreneur and other real world commitments make it harder go for the two hour drive or five hour flight. 
    Gambling and Chill
    Just like Netflix streaming movies, Casino games are online and the technology is rock solid if you have a strong internet connection.  Just like I go to the movies less, get a bottle of wine at home instead of the bar, the same holds true for gambling.  In seconds I can be on the laptop and be sitting at a 2-5 No Limit Hold ’em game in seconds.  I can forgo the two-hour drive to AtlanticCity, wait in long lines and don’t need to use a hotel room either.   Just like NetFlix and Chill, I can now BlackJak and relax in the comfort of my own home.  The time I save traveling allows me to hone my skill at games like Poker which are exciting to play online in the comfort of your home.
    Online Gaming Has Evolved
    I was never a big Candy Crush player. However, I do like playing APPLE TV games as well some PS4 (Madden). I use to play games online for the fun of it.Also, I was worry about the tech as I have very little patience if the game needs to keep refreshing.  I checked out Gametwist Casino I was pleasantly surprised as I was able to play a wide variety of games in a secured setting. They had a nice mix of games to choose from keeping me busy for hours on end without having regrets.  Online gaming has definitely evolved since I used to play about 5 years ago.  It’s an easy sign-in process and has excellent graphics to enhance the gaming experience.
    Gambling Offers pretty much the same games you can find in a live casino:
    • Texas Hold ‘Em 
    • Slots
    • Bingo
    • BlackJack
    • 3 Car Stud
    Reasons to play online vs, going to an actual casino are fairly evident:
    • Convenience – platy anytime
    • Play online slots for free to pass the time
    • Keep to myself – sometimes I just like to be left alone

    Although going to a land-based casino is still fun for me on occasion, I now strongly prefer to gamble online with my laptop and warm espresso.  

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