Last Lawless City In U.S, Welcome to ‘Slab City’

    Slab City, often called ‘The last free place of America’, is northeast from San Diego. It was previously an abandoned military base. All that was left were pieces of metal slab which represents where the name ‘Slab City’ originates from. There is no electricity, running water, or other forms of services provided.  Entrance to City showcases “Salvation Mountain”. A very colorful display of religious praise to god. The man who created ‘Salvation Mountain’ was a local resident named Leonard Knight; He was almost 80 years old when he begun the project.
    When entering Slab City, intriguing yet disturbing art is displayed. There is graffiti drawn on almost every wall or piece, and crafty sculptures at every corner. Slab City is definitely a site as it resembles a museum. Very similar to planet ‘Sakaar’ in the marvel movie “Thor” (planet consisting of garbage or lost items). There are many claims and videos idolizing Slab City as an “artsy” and “peaceful” place to visit; The locals also present a friendly, tour guide manner. It almost resembles a hippie utopia. Yet, many videos do not expose the violence, arson, robbery, addiction, rape and weekly arrests happening in Slab City. Most residents from Slab City consist of artists, retirees, extreme poor, snowbirds, criminals, anarchists, grifters and others of similar backgrounds. These residents say their income comes from the state, and tourists. Recently, Slab City has become a popular hot spot on Airbnb; People from all over the globe depart to experience the unique city of California, but are surprisingly scared when they arrive. George Sisson rents out an RV for $15 dollars a night with no running water, but most travelers wont even stay the night. Firefighters responsible for emergency calls from Slab City say ,”it is absolutely horrible,” when describing the events happening in this troublesome city. This video exhibits Slab City as a place to visit, but not stay. 
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