Monday Vibes: An Open Love Letter…. To My Bed

    comfy bed


    Oh bed, you marvelous thing you…

    I don’t think I ever told you what you mean to me. You are my everything. You’re reason I come home, the reason I fight through the hardest days of my life. Whenever I consider lighting people on fire, I remember that you’re there, waiting for me to return to your warmth and comfort.




    You wait for me, hours, days, sometimes weeks-

    and yet you never complain I’ve been gone too long. It’s so amazing how much you care for my well being. I’m sorry I don’t treat you better. I’m sorry I don’t make sure you’re always clean and decked out in the nicest threads. You deserve to be wrapped in silk and waking up every morning overlooking the Mediterranean, I’m sorry I can’t provide that for you.

    The world can be a scary place, there’s the Kim Kardashian, Nickelback, Tinder and so many other frightening things, but you always make me feel safe. With you, I know I can accomplish anything the next day may throws at me.

    You truly are my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye.

    Leaving your embrace in the morning is torture. I wish I could lay with you forever. I wish we never had to be apart. I dream of a world where you can come with me anywhere I go. But I must be strong and I must carry on with my day, even with you starring at me, begging me to stay.




    I don’t think I’d be here without you today. Our memories are irreplaceable. From sharing pizza and binge watching Law & Order: SVU, to my sobbing uncontrollably because someone had just broken my heart, what would I have done if you weren’t there? If I leap, you catch me, if I fall, you nurse me back to health. You always know how to make me feel better when I’m under the weather. I swear you’re some kind of magic.



    The Truth is, I could go on for days as to why you are the love of my life… but nothing expresses love better, than a song…

    Image: Giphy, Youtube.





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