Fashion & Style For Men: The Rise Of Underwear

    Men have always had options in fashion, while those who are adventurous like to wear bold colors or keep it simple with black and white. In today’s market men now need to worry about their underwear, although what is mostly unseen (unless your Justin Bieber) the right fit and form of your underwear will help define your whole structure and even the way you walk. Most men don’t think about this but what they should be thinking about is that Underwear helps absorb sweats and smell, reduces irritation that pants can do and keeps the body cool without heating up. This is similar how some men like to wear undershirts, especially in the business setting where no one wants to see sweat stains when you take off your jacket.

    Tani USA has been making a lot of buzz lately after being featured in WWD and New York Times, while releasing the new women’s line I came across their new SilkCut Boxer, Tani is definitely a brand to remember. It’s not often one can say the technology behind their underwear is astonishing. Tani states that the “luxuriously soft and lightweight, yet extraordinarily resilient to keep up with whatever the day brings. Knit in Europe with the downright brilliant Micro Modal® Air fabric, it is actually thinner and even softer than silk. And it is a first in men’s underwear. Despite it’s remarkable soft feel, the SilkCut Boxer Brief stretches and recovers as it lightly drapes and shapes to your body in a level of comfort you’ve never experienced” making the price point higher than some of your everyday brands.

    After trying out Tani, I thought the designs were sleek and innovative without being too out there. The style was nice, and as they feature the SilkCut boxer, I knew I had to try a pair for myself. The SilkCut collection screams Spring and Summer and is perfect for those who want to match with their East Hampton or Mykonos look. Being a fan of nautical looks this goes perfect with an anchor shirt and matching blue and white. The fabric of the underwear can even be worn as a bathing suit as long as you’re with familiar friends, I recommend pairing it with a gold watch. One thing that I did notice about the brand is that the cost is higher than those of Hanes or Calvin Klein, but could this be a new trend in the innerwear industry?

    While some people may find a pair of underwear at $75 to be pricey, others are finding the price worth it. In the digital age on Instagram, Snapchat, and more men are taking more pictures of themselves in underwear and don’t want people thinking they share the same pair as their Dad’s. The New York Post reported that “The overall $4.1 billion men’s underwear industry, including undershirts and bottoms, was flat for the 12 months ending February 2016, but that’s mostly because sales of undershirts were down 3 percent, according to NPD Group. Sales of bottoms, which account for $2.8 billion in sales, grew 2 percent over the same period”.

    Tani USA is not the only one breaking into this high-end market for underwear, other brands have been popping up such as Mack Weldon, Parke & Ronen, even Hermes has a $400 pair of underwear. Before it was always the women buying underwear for their men, and while the times and technology have changed men are realizing that the high price of underwear is worth the cost. What else could have been the cause of a rise in underwear sales, is the increase of imagery from models showing off their undies on social media?

    You can find our more on Tani USA and their SilkCut collection here


    • Jeremy Lindy is a Lifestyle Consultant who is always interested in what's new and trending. Currently residing in Chelsea, New York, his interests are of food, wine, traveling, events, TV. Follow him at @Jrlindy003 on Instagram.

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