Meet Up and Coming Celebrity Photographer, Zazu Moloi, Who is Taking Over the Industry

    25-year old African American photographer, Zazu Moloi, is sweeping the celebrity photography niche off of its feet. Moloi has captured images for numerous high-level celebrities such as Machine Gun Kelly, Noah Cyrus, Young Thug, Future, Fetty Wap, and Swae Lee. He has also shot for a myriad of other celebrities such as professional athletes and Olympians. Read on to learn more about his life in the Celebrity Photography niche and his future expectations.

    The Jump

    Moloi, who was raised by South African immigrant parents, had humble beginnings. He was a biomedical engineer for a year before quitting to pursue his passions. In pursuit of said passions, he decided to travel and immerse himself in the culture of fashion and celebrity lifestyle. At that time, he decided also to venture into social media management. However, in time, he fell in love with photography; the idealogy of making these rare moments last forever. Like most millennials, Moloi did not want to be stuck in the daily 9 to 5 routine. Never had he envisioned that in his lifetime he would be traveling overseas and networking with people who are idols to many.

    The Nitty Gritty of Celebrity Photography

    Did you know that baby photos of Knox and Vivienne Jolie Pitt are rated as the most expensive photos in the last ten years? These photos cost about 1.4 million dollars. Celebrity photography is a booming industry. In the millennial age of consumerism, the demand for professional, but unique images is unimaginable. Like most entrepreneurs, Moloi works alone and points out that succeeding in high-level celebrity photography is not an overnight event. It takes a lot of dedication, effort, and commitment. You need to have the right attitude and, of course, talent. He soon hopes to find someone in assisting him with the ever-growing demands of being a celebrity photographer.


    Nonetheless, Moloi is creating quite the name for himself as a celebrity and fashion
    photographer. His style and approach are perplexing and fresh. He is to be noted for his
    nonchalant yet tentative way of capturing images. Flicking through Moloi’s candid Polaroid shots is sure to evoke feelings of longing and create nostalgia for the ages. Moloi dubs his photography, Installennial, “dedicated to capturing time.”


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