Interview with John Alite, A Former Gambino Crime Family Enforcer

    New Theory Sits down with former Gambino Crime Family enforcer to discuss the Real Housewives of NJ and the Mob.

    Tom La Vecchia welcomes back John Alite to the New Theory Podcast Interview to discuss the most recent developments on the Lucchese Crime Family that involves the New Jersey Housewives.

    Thomas Manzo was recently charged for allegedly hiring a made man member of the Lucchese Crime Family, John Perma, to assault Manzo’s ex-wife’s new partner. Manzo’s ex-wife, Dina, and sister-in-law, Caroline, are notorious for their time on the reality show, “Real Housewives of New Jersey.” 

    Alite has no past connections to Manzo but has met his brother, Al, who Alite personally vouches for. Besides this, Alite does not know the great details of this situation and is as curious as we are. The people unaware of an informant right now, but if there is it could come up in the future. 

    Alite also describes and explains his relationships with the Gambino Crime Family and Gotti Family. He discusses his past allegations and how they played out with the involvement of the mob. Alite has been around to see the changes in eras, especially regarding the made man members. He says since the 1990s, there are more frauds and fewer earners now than before. Now, more than ever, it’s important to gain valuable knowledge of someone before bringing them into the circle. 

    Now that Alite has a strong platform as a motivational speaker, he has recently been more vocal regarding the politics and movements that are happening now. Since he has experience of being mistreated in his life, he sympathizes with the Black Lives Matter movement (but has his own political opinions as well). 

    Watch the full Youtube interview here:


    • Jen is a contributing writer at New Theory, a student at Marist College, and a life-long New Jersey resident.

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