Make Winter Plumbing Problems A Thing Of The Past!

    In Toronto, winter isn’t really considered a season of the year as much as an endurance test, due to the extreme temperatures. There is no doubt that old man winter can really pack a punch here, causing a host of headaches like frozen pipes, water main ruptures, power outages and dangerous driving conditions on ice.

    The weather in Toronto’s coldest months, despite the time of day, is usually below zero and oftentimes is as low as twenty-five below, which is why it’s vital to find an expert plumber in Toronto who offers round-the-clock availability for urgent cases and has a vast acumen in drain maintenance, faucet repair, water main and water line services among other areas. 

    Winter is hard on plumbing because pipes can quickly freeze in icy cold temperatures, and when water freezes, the particles inside form into little hexagonal shaped crystals that expand so densely inside the pipe that there is no longer room for the water to run through. As a general rule, water freezes around 0 degrees Celsius or lower – in other words, Toronto on a very good day. A host of costly problems can result from frozen pipes, including a burst, which can lead to water damage on house structures like floors, insulation and walls, as a result of flooding. 

    In regards to catastrophic damages to a home, according to insurance claims, freezing climates are the third most destructive forces of nature. In fact, damages from winter temperatures as a result of ice and snow cost approximately a billion dollars on an annual basis (in the US at least). Priming your residence, setting it up for the winter weather with interior and exterior waterproofing, and having a plumber inspect your pipes, can certainly help you say goodbye to your plumbing problems this winter, circumventing expensive damages. 

    In order to find an expert plumber in Toronto, one that’s both professional and trusted, their services should include the installation and renovation of sinks and their hardware, such as faucets, bathing units including both showers and bathtubs, commodes, garbage disposal units and all forms of water pipes. Drain back up and cleaning services should also be a top priority. Winter is hard on plumbing because of the elements but there are a few guidelines a homeowner can use to help facilitate a strong standing plumbing structure throughout freezing weather conditions:

    •Insulate any drafts that are apparent.
    •Keep a small drip of water going in the sink, in order to prevent pipes from freezing. 
    Fasten any airlocks with heat tape, and
    •Drain swimming pools properly.

    Another important thing to look for when choosing a plumber is whether they offer round-the-clock service. No matter the amount of pre-emptive measures you take to avoid plumbing issues in the winter, there’s still a chance that they can happen, and if they do, you want to know that a professional plumber will be on the scene quickly. There’s nothing worse than finding out about a burst pipe in the middle of the night and not having anyone to turn to.  Also be sure to pick the right sump pump just in case you have a flood. You can certainly make winter plumbing problems a thing of the past, but it’ll require some foresight, and the number of a good plumber!


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