This Is How Mind Mapping Helps In Planning Sessions

    Mind mapping is a strategy that can help you with strategic planning. It can many advantages over traditional methods such as using a whiteboard.

    Here are some of the benefits of mind mapping, and how it can help you in planning sessions.

    Enhanced Speed

    The mind mapping process is very engaging and easy to learn, that is why mind mapping is now being used in a majority of planning sessions. The effectiveness of a ming map usually depends on the skills for the facilitator, but there are various other added advantages too.

    For example; a mind map can put every single part of the plan on one single screen. This eradicated the need of constantly changing between screens to move between topics. You can also add the input from other members on the mind map pretty easily.

    This is a much better way of conveying data as compared to using a whiteboard. Once the whiteboard is full, it needs to be erased to make room for the next topic. This wastes a lot of time in traditional meetings and planning sessions.

    It Engages Everyone

    Since a wide range of topics and sub-topics are all displayed on one single page, every person present in the meeting engages well with the content and gives his point of view wherever necessary. Mapping easily interconnects different topics to show the relevancy between them. This makes it easy for the viewer to understand the connections between different topics.

    Upon everyone’s engagement, the plan might change a bit over the course of the meeting. The participants can actually see the plan changing and the mind map evolving as the session proceeds.

    It Is Very Flexible

    Another huge benefit of working with a mind map is that you can easily group relevant types of data together and move them around with ease. Since the min map offers extended flexibility, you can easily pick up different branches of topics and place them wherever you want for enhanced flexibility.

    For example, if a participant thinks that his comments have been placed in the wrong place, you can move them around with ease. Moreover, as the discussion progresses and new ideas are found, you can add them to the pre-existing tree of ideas and this can keep going for as long as you want. So, there are no real limitations to your flexibility when you are using a mind map.

    Easily Reachable

    Mind mapping is not limited to fancy desktop tools anymore. You can easily create and edit mind maps by using mind mapping applications on your mobile device.

    These applications are really useful, as you can create these mind maps for presentations and planning sessions on the go and edit them whenever needed. This is very useful for the students as well, as it helps them break down the larger, more complex concepts in smaller and easy to remember mind maps. So, give the mind mapping technique a try and you will be surprised by the results.


    • Tom La Vecchia

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