How to Teach Your Child to Dress on One’s Own

    “I can do everything myself!” – have you already heard this phrase from a child? No? The time will come and this phrase will relate to everything that they will undertake. Including their wardrobe.

    For example, in a year or a year and a half, children are able to take off their socks and hat themselves. By the age of two, they will be able to pull them on themselves. But after two, it’s time to start teaching children how to dress on their own. During this period (between the second and third years), they are interested in everything and do not want to accept anyone’s help.

    But don’t think that learning will be quick and unnoticeable. In this matter, the main thing is not to rush, provide all kinds of support, stock up on parental patience, and turn on imagination. Of course, if your little princess has cute baby girl clothes and your little prince’s bright colors in his wardrobe, it will be much easier to attract their attention to clothes.

    How Can You Help Your Child Learn How to Dress Oneself?

    There are several ways to assist your child and make the whole process easier:

    • You can buy ready-made gadgets for developing fine motor skills. Or get creative. For example, sew on zippers, buttons, eyelets, and hooks on a piece of fabric. While playing, the toddler will train before real practice.
    • Come up with a competition – who is the first to wear a cardigan/shirt? Just don’t win right away, don’t upset the kid.
    • Get ready for a walk with positive emotions and without haste. If something does not work out for the little one, do not scold them, but support them. You sometimes do the wrong buttoning, too.
    • Create your own role-playing story games. Find costumes for a pirate or snowflake, doctor, or favorite hero. The love to dress up in the future will help in learning how to dress.
    • Choose a toy, doll, or bear and dress them up.

    You should also pay attention to these important tips:

    • If something doesn’t work out for the child, come to their aid. If they ask for help, do not deny them right away. Help them partially – put on a jacket, and then let them button it up.
    • If they don’t like the T-shirt you are suggesting, wear a different one. Replace your pink dress with a yellow sundress. So you can avoid tears and tantrums.
    • In order for the baby to remember where the front side of the clothes is, choose things with pockets or patterns in the front.
    • Buy outfits together. Ask your baby’s opinion. And do not immediately reject their choice. Find a compromise.

    It’s great if another child is growing in the house – smaller or older, you can practice with them. Moreover, an older brother or sister will become an example that will further accelerate the process of learning how to dress independently. And do not forget to encourage and praise the child for any, even the smallest, achievements. Then the learning process will be easier and in a good mood!

    Photo by Michael Cox


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