How to Shop Safely Whilst COVID-19 is Still Prevalent


    Shops are opening again. We can enjoy a coffee (often outside) from our favorite coffee shops, and most of us can enjoy a renewed sense of normality. However, at this crucial stage of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to remember that the virus hasn’t been eradicated and we must all do our bit to stop the spread. 

    The presence of the virus means that many of us are still a little apprehensive about returning to the shops. Which in turn, means that our high street and hundreds of independent shops and eateries are going to struggle financially. Thankfully, there are ways you can shop safely even though COVID-19 is still out there. Here we’ll explore some simple solutions that will help you to shop with confidence.

    Always wear your mask

    Wearing a mask or a face covering is now a requirement in many countries when visiting shops and supermarkets. You’ll find a range of safety face coverings here, just click the link. Recent studies have shown that wearing masks not only protects yourself from the virus indoors but also keeps others safe if you’re potentially asymptomatic or don’t yet have symptoms. 

    It’s common courtesy to wear one in public places, in fact, some stores won’t permit entry unless you have a face covering. So, it’s nice to know that many stores are taking the safety of their customers seriously.

    Follow the floor markings

    When coronavirus first hit, most supermarkets had a one-way system in place to keep shoppers safe. More recently, shops of all sizes are using socially distanced markers to keep space between shoppers. Some shops are divided – for example, in independent shoe shops where one half of the store is for appointment only fittings and the other side is for a limited number of patrons to browse in. Whatever markings or systems are in place, be vigilant, follow them and always ask if you’re unsure. 

    Spend as little time in-store as possible

    If you want to reduce your potential exposure to the virus, then limit the amount of time you spend in shops and supermarkets. Avoid lingering too long in the aisle and be wary of other shoppers. Consider researching what items you need before you shop to limit the time you spend browsing or shop wholly online instead.

    Keep your hands clean

    If there are sanitizing stations, use them! Ensure your hands are sanitized when you enter and leave any store. When you get home, wash your hands again and then remove the packaging from certain products to limit the possibility of the virus entering your home. 

    Avoid touching where possible

    We’re used to picking up produce, feeling it, looking at the box or checking to see how ripe something is. However, to reduce the risk of coronavirus and to be considerate of other shoppers, keep touching items to an absolute minimum. Only touch it if you’re going to buy it!

    And finally, be a kind shopper

    These are unprecedented times, and many people are stressed. Sadly, it’s often shop workers who bare the brunt of this frustration. Always be patient and remember to say thank you to those who are putting themselves at risk every day. 



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