Eyeman: The New Canadian Artist Whose Song Hit #1 on Itunes With Over 700,000 Streams

    Have you listened to the hit song Zayn on iTunes? The hit song is the masterpiece of the songwriter, rapper, and musician known as EyeMan. His latest song has taken over the world by storm with over 3 million views on YouTube, over 700,000 streams on Spotify, and millions of listeners Tweeting about it. The hit was an inspiration after the birth of his son Zayn. EyeMan says the name is from Ancient Egyptian and African descent, and it means kingship, beauty, grace, and excellence. 

    The #1 rank on iTunes is a much-coveted space for both upcoming and experienced artists. There is so much variety and substitution in music that it’s hard to find that diamond in the rough. The Canadian born and raised artist, EyeMan, has managed to attain this position through his latest single. Zayn not only enjoys an international audience but has also garnered attention from other celebrities. The social media celebrity, Kristen Hancher, discovered Eyeman’s music online and used his song sound to make a viral video. Viewers can check out the viral video on Kristen’s profile with over 1.1 million views. 

    Starting Out 

    EyeMan has had a passion for music from an early age. But he never pursued it as a full-time profession until he went to an Akon concert. EyeMan states that the live concert motivated him to pursue music as a profession. The death of a loved one has a way of altering our worldview. To some, losing a loved one leads them on a dark and self-destructive path. But to others, it inspires them to pursue their dreams and lead a better life. When EyeMan lost his brother, he was motivated to pursue that dream, which he had ignored for years. He felt that it was time to take the risk and venture into the highly competitive industry. 

    EyeMan has hit the scene with ground-breaking success. His hit song, Zayn, has appealed to an international audience. You can ask any expert in the music industry, and they will tell you this golden truth; you don’t get a thousand views, let alone a million views out of thin air. 

    Today’s audience is demanding. They want music that teleports their hearts and minds to a different realm. Today’s audience wants music that contains revolutionary, next-level creativity. Such music is like magic because it shifts past realism and offers its listeners an escape from the pressures of the real world. At the same time, many viewers want music that sheds light on daily life. This is a type of music that captures the hardships and joys of life masterfully. 

    There is a quote that says, a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention. This poverty of attention is the outcome of online platforms that make it easy for the audience to get free music. Gone are the days when an artist was discovered through radio. Although social media platforms have made it easy for artists to connect with their audience directly, it has also made it easier for real talent to be discovered. 

    Soaring Higher

    EyeMan is an artist who has managed to rise above the competition and make a name for himself. His songs are gaining popularity because of the high-energy and spell-bounding melodies that enchant his audience and transport them to a world of energy and heart. EyeMan sees music as an escape and uses it to spread positivity and awareness about the world. He also uses his music to share stories of his life through catchy lyrics and energetic beats. Life has not always been upbeat for the artist. He had to overcome multiple obstacles along his path and still come out stronger, more aware, and grateful. 

    EyeMan is also an artist with a purpose. He uses his music to spread positivity and tell his listeners that beauty always surrounds us despite the darkness. The artist tells his listeners to smile and appreciate life. Besides, every experience counts toward shaping who we are. 

    EyeMan lives by the motto: Live life and enjoy every moment you experience while on your journey towards reaching your goals. EyeMan also created his own fashion line named ÜNGA – a stylish and bold clothing/merchandise line that is most notable for donating generously to children’s hospitals in Montréal. He is a true example of living what you preach. Finding good music is common but finding an artist that creates outstanding music with a positive approach towards life and for his fans is very rare in this day and age. 

    EyeMan is living proof that Canadian artists have what it takes to shake the world. You can check out his latest hit song here



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