How To Pick The Right Mattress For Sex

    Picking a mattress is never an easy task, leave alone picking the most suitable mattress which can enhance your sex life with your partner. Without a doubt, picking the best mattress for sex is probably going to be very confusing, given the huge range of selections available. The aim of this article is to simplify the process of choosing the right sex mattress.

    Aside from giving you the best sleeping experience, your mattress plays a crucial role in all the intimate moments, too. You can hardly take away the mattress from the equation of great sex although you can always have an adventurous elsewhere, and a correct mattress could be the game-changer for both of you as it easily guides you two into the sensual mood. 

    A mattress purchase is a big decision, it is only natural for you to spend a reasonable amount of time to evaluate all these aspects to get a mattress that meets your personal preference and requirements. I understand that the budget is definitely a major concern when it comes to getting a quality mattress. Yet, you should not jump on cheaper models without evaluating all these components because you can always opt for a financing plan for the pricier models.

    I have listed down a few important components that you should not miss out when you are checking out your mattress options, such as the type of mattress, comfort and support, noisiness and responsiveness, and warranty. 

    Types of Sex Mattresses

    The commonly found mattress types are foam, innerspring, latex, and hybrid. We grow up having innerspring mattresses, but the older versions are not meant to handle intense movements. The evolution of innerspring later made it to one of the most durable models available as the structure is sturdier than many competitors out there. 

    On the other hand, memory foam mattress has grown even more popular ever since it has been improved as people love how it contour their bodies. A natural latex mattress is generally expensive but it is extremely breathable. Nonetheless, you probably have heard of the new favorite, a hybrid mattress with multiple layers of different materials.

    Comfort and Support

    The comfort level and support are directly related to the type of material you have chosen. The firmness level will be an essential factor to your comfort and it is no secret that firm mattress often is kind to your spinal alignment. Besides, the supportiveness of the mattress will be notably affected by the material used and thus, it is inevitable for you to go for a mattress with a remarkable construction. 

    In addition, frequent love-making activities will unavoidably lead to the premature sagging issue on mattresses. It is wise to get yourself a very durable mattress so that it can survive all the compressions from the passionate activities while withstanding the bodyweight of two on the normal nights.

    Noisiness and Responsiveness

    Meanwhile, you must not neglect the noisiness and responsiveness of the mattress since unwanted noises and difficulty in movements tend to cause the sexual drive to go down. A quieter mattress will provide you a certain degree of discretion if you are staying with family or housemates. In this way, you and your partner can place full attention on the love-making acts without any distracting noise. 

    You will also benefit from the great response time of your mattress as its adaptiveness will make it easier for you two to swap positions and enjoy the rhythmic bouncing factor that works together with you instead of going against you. Many have agreed on sex is more fun and pleasurable when it is done on a bouncier bed.


    Moreover, you have to look at the warranty period of your selected mattress. The regular length is about 10 years whilst some bolder manufacturers brave themselves to give you a lifetime warranty on the product. A longer warranty period is definitely beneficial for you as you have to weigh in the wear and tear caused by increased sexual activities. 

    However, be sure to read through the terms and conditions so that you understand the coverage is extended to which aspect of the mattress, and what is covered in the limited warranty provided. For instance, in the event of manufacturing defects, will you be eligible for a replacement or there are certain costs to be incurred.

    Final Verdict

    In conclusion, you have to acknowledge how important the right mattress has become for improving your libido. It takes two to clap and look, your sex life would not be completed without your partner. Do bear in mind that your partner’s satisfaction level should be equally important to your own so do not ever take it for granted. Communication is an important key to maintain your relationship, so start talking about the most ideal mattress for both of you today!


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