Ali Jamal Awad – The Young CEO Attorney

    Ali Jamal Awad, a young lawyer is taking the legal world by storm with his magical success in winning a lot of injury claims. He is now heading his own firm Ali Awad Law and is winning a new feather to his cap with every passing day. He specializes in claims and in his first year of law practice, he has settled claims for over 1 million dollars on cases pertaining to personal injury. These comprised of car wrecks, slip and fall cases, truck accidents, medical malpractice, and other highly disputed claims such as exposure to toxic molds. 

    He is a savior for his naive clients who are standing up against cunning powerful corporate insurance bodies and is loved and revered by his clients. As he comes from an immigrant family, he thinks he understands the importance of being represented amply in the society and as such he can seamlessly connect with people from all walks of life. 

    Ali Jamal Awad – Work Ethics

    Through his many years of International Studies, he puts the five languages he speaks to the fullest use when it comes to interacting with his clients and preparing the cases for them. A graduate from Georgia State University, Ali distinguishes himself in being one of the youngest attorneys graduating with a JD/MBA degree in the state of Georgia. Ali believes that all settlement processes are much like negotiations. He ensures that he is always 100% prepared with his case to ensure he secures the highest settlements more often than not. He uses his massive knowledge of immigration and allied matters in setting personal injury claims like none other. He also is active on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat and he believes in empowering the general public with free legal advice. 

    Ali Jamal Awad – The Charismatic Persona

    In his free time, Ali does not sit back and relax. He is constantly engaged in doing something that only augments and helps in strengthening his personality. He holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and thoroughly enjoys his martial arts training sessions. He loves traveling and enjoys learning new foreign languages. Mr. Awad for all his achievements had featured in many media outlets and Fox News recently. He has great social media influence and has around 100000 followers on Instagram. He runs a YouTube channel that is dedicated specifically to providing free legal advice to the public. His Charismatic persona and knowledge make him the most sought after speaker in matters of international communities and immigrants.

    Ali Jamal Awad – Awards & Achievements

    While in law school Mr. Awad had already become a published author with his book on immigration law. Recently he has been awarded as the Lead Counsel rating by Reuters for representing the plaintiffs in the personal injury claim matters. He now owns a law firm and a media company that is into training your attorneys to create a brand around themselves and market themselves on social media. 

    He has achieved way too much in too little time but for Ali, this is just the beginning.


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