How To Go Green In Your Home

    As technology advances, so do our choices when it comes to saving the planet. Eco-friendly is very much the buzzword of the day, and there are a variety of small steps we can all take to do our part. From ditching plastic to reusing our coffee cups, cutting waste to discovering new ways to renew energy the future is definitely focused on being green.

    So how can you do your part and make more of an impact? We have put together some of the easiest ways to go green at home, helping you save money, energy and, most importantly, the planet.

    Meal Plan

    There may not be an apparent connection between going green and meal planning, but this can have a considerable impact, By planning the meals for a week, you are ensuring that you only buy exactly what you need when it comes to ingredients, thereby helping to reduce waste. It also allows you to see more clearly when there will be leftovers, and set yourself a change of turning them into another tasty meal.

    Reduce Plastic

    This is a step which is easier said than done, but there are ways you can help. Take your own bags when shopping to eliminate the need for a plastic carrier. You can also take boxes and tubs for loose produce such as fruit and vegetables. Some stores even specialise in being packaging free, and this can dramatically reduce the amount of plastic you bring into your home.

    Similarly, consider your makeup and cosmetic products; what packaging are they coming in? Do you have the option to buy a wholesale size and reuse smaller bottles? Are there more eco-friendly options you could try? Just a few minor changes can make a big difference.

    Turn Down The Thermostat

    It can be tempting to crank up the heat when we feel a chill, but this can have a devastating impact on the planet. More heat requires more energy, which usually involves the burning of more fossil fuels and other resources. Putting on another layer can make more of a difference than you realise.

    Take Shorter Showers

    It has long been documented that taking a shower is a much more eco-friendly decision than a bath, but you can help even more by shortening the length of your showers. The main issue with washing is that it is literally water down the drain, and it is essential to be mindful of the energy needed to heat it to your perfect temperature, and the savings which can be made by shaving off a few minutes.

    Go Big

    If you are serious about transforming your home into an eco-paradise, changes such as solar panels can make a dramatic difference. Though the initial upfront cost may be higher, this option could save you money in the long run by generating its own energy, thereby reducing your heating and electricity bills. They also have the added benefit of reducing the world’s reliance on fossil fuels—everyone’s a winner!

    This is our planet, and it will take a little bit of effort from all of us to save it.


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