Top Tips to Making an Outstanding Podcast Intro

    Adding music tracks to shows is one thing that most podcasters think about when they want to make the show sound better. They do this by just listening to the tune of the music and their personal judgment.

    Nevertheless, having a formal understanding of how one can create a podcast intro could be an awesome thing especially in the background. So, why do you need that background music and how can you create it? Let’s get started.

    Why Background Music?

    Science has proven that the brain of a human being is usually taken over by well-coordinated music. That means the tune, the tempo, the style, the wording, and the voice of a podcast should be integrating all these in the right proportions to create an intriguing and euphoric mood in your background music. Here is why background music is important:

    • It sets the theme of any project you are presenting
    • It enhances the setting of the stage
    • It is a great way to enable the listener to know when there are transitions in various segments
    • It creates an entertainment value to your listeners
    • It gives the podcast an upbeat and engaging vibe

    When it comes to podcasts, no matter how sweet and melodious your voice is if there is no music to capture the mind of your listeners, your audio may turn out to be very boring and no one will be willing to listen to it. Podcast background music is a must if you want to take your entertainment to the next level. Here is how you can create an awesome podcast intro:

    How to Create an Awesome Podcast Intro

    • Be brief and concise in your intro script

    Any intro that takes too long will be disliked by your listeners, so keep your script and podcast background music short. In your 15 seconds, intro includes the tagline, short description, hostname, and name of the show before fading out the music.

    • Your call to action should be in the outro

    Although you may be tempted to bring out your intention at the beginning, ensure you place what you intend and the general call to action in the outro/end. Present diverse statements in various episodes but keep your message consistent.

    • Choose the right music

    Your podcast background music should match the theme and activities that will be present in the show. This is what should set the show’s stage and communicate to your listeners the theme and the mood of the show.

    • Be confident in your brand

    If you present your podcast’s message in a way that it shows to your listeners that you are not so sure of what you want to communicate to them, then be sure they will give the same to you. Be confident in the message you are passing through.

    • Make everything legal

    The podcast background music you have chosen should not be stolen music. You can ask permission from the artist or look for websites that offer free music.

    • Always be consistent in your pattern

    Although you might change the intros and outros in various episodes the format and message should be consistent. You should have a format you are using in all your episodes.


    Background music in your podcast can yield much more results especially when the above points are incorporated. Now you know how to make your podcast intro more interesting and appealing to your listeners. Good luck!


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