How to Get More Out of Your Facebook Stories

    Facebook has been around for years now, and it is one of the best methods to get more exposure to online business. If you were to research how much money big companies pump into Facebook ads, the numbers might seem like they are blown out of proportion. However, they are real. It’s not unheard-of to get a million dollar budget for an ad campaign.

    With the number of users that the platform has, it should not be that surprising, to begin with. And as there is plenty of competition, there is a need to get ahead of them. Photos are one of the most underrated methods to improve your Facebook presence. How? Well, continue reading and everything become crystal clear.

    Double Tap for Camera Switch

    Different cameras take different photos. On Story, you can always use the double-tap feature to change cameras. Even though there is an icon on the story screen, getting in a habit of double-tapping will save time.

    Filters and Effects

    Similar to what is available on Instagram and other social media platforms, Facebook Story also provides filters and effects. Do note that you can add them only twice. The first one is when you start the story, and the second time is when you upload the image. There are a lot of effects and filters so it is always a good idea to give them a test run before posting the story.

    Multiple Filters

    Some would consider this overkill, but you might end up in a situation where one filter is just not enough. In fact, you can apply as many filters as you like. It should be obvious how to do that. Save the photo from your story and upload it in a new story. Repeat it for as long as you are satisfied.

    Text Font

    Creativity is what Facebook stories are all about. Thanks to the creators of this feature, there are numerous fonts you can pick from. At the moment, you can change the font only when in a normal mode. Even so, it adds a nice flair to your work.

    Once you upload a picture, a row of customization options will appear. From there you can test as much as you like until you find a font which satisfies you.

    Change the Text

    There are plenty of ways to take things to the next level. And that is by editing the text beside the change of font. The same principle applies here as well. Once you have the text, use your fingers to decrease or increase the size of the text. Try playing with the customization options even more. You should discover the alignment and background color features as well.

    Multiple Photos

    Most users are probably unaware of this one. You can add more than one shot to your story. It is pretty simple. Load your Facebook app and tap on the “Add” icon. From then on, everything should be clear.

    Deleting the Story

    For one reason or another, you might end up needing to get rid of the story. Sure, the story will disappear after 24 hours, but if you want to reupload it and make some changes, you do not need to wait for the time to pass. Just go to the app and click on the three-dot icon and delete the photo, which automatically deletes the story.

    Upload Directly

    Even though there is an option to upload pictures to the story directly, the whole horizontal setting makes it quite difficult to locate the pictures. There is a way out of it, though. Go to your phone’s gallery and click “Share”. Then tap on the blue camera, and your Facebook story will receive the picture. From there, you can customize it to your heart’s content.


    One of the biggest disadvantages of a story is that they last only for a few seconds. However, if you want to enjoy them or get a closer look, you can pause the story just by holding the screen.

    Hide Stories from Your Contacts

    It is difficult to come up with a reason why someone would do this, but this feature exists nonetheless. Again, you will need to click on the three-dot icon and visit privacy settings. There, you can make as many changes as you want.

    All in all, it would not be a stretch to say that this feature that Facebook has recently implemented still has a way to go. Nevertheless, nobody can argue against the effectiveness of Facebook stories. If you feel like you want to learn more and this article was not enough, there is always more sources to read. Such as Facebook stories guide at


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