Ways to Give Your Business Online Exposure It Deserves

    In today’s time, businesses that do not have a website are non-existent and transparent to the customers. Due to the availability of easy access to the internet and advanced technology everyone can find the information they need regarding a certain product or service on the internet. A website is the first impression a customer has of the company. It is very important for the business because it breaks or makes the customers.

    According to studies, more than 10000 websites are generated each month, and this figure is expected to increase in the near future. Because of the immense competition, the success of enterprises greatly depends on the amount of exposure to the audience their business gets.

    For a business to succeed, the first step is that people should know about its existence and presence. This can be a daunting and difficult task. In order to solve this problem, business owners have to look into some primary digital marketing principles. Let’s take a look.

    SEO and SERP

    According to studies, 94% of B2B buyers search online before making a purchase. According to GE Capital, Retail Bank reports 81% of people research online before they become committed to purchasing something. Online searches and internet also effect the success of local shops and stores.

    According to An LSA-Acquisio report, 75% of mobile searches lead to customers visiting the store within 24 hours, and about 30% of these customers actually purchase something from the store. The above-mentioned figures, give us a rough idea of the importance of being at the top of the search engine results page.

    In order to increase their ranking on search engine results page (SERP), enterprisers look towards improving their SEO skills. SEO helps search engines know your value and worth. Once the search engines know your value, they rank your page at the top for searches relevant to your product or web content. This allows customers to find you and build trust in your company easily.  

    There is no doubt that both SEO and SERP are important principles of digital marketing, but it is important to note that they do not promise users exposure and may not necessarily lead to increased exposure of the company.

    In order to correctly increase your business exposure, enterprise owners need to consider other factors that affect search results. These factors include:

    • Updated and fresh content
    • Firm presence on social media platforms
    • Regular blog posts
    • Cross-channel marketing

    It is very easy to make a list of factors effecting visibility and exposure but very difficult to handle especially for enterprises that do not have a well-developed and committed in-house IT team. SMB (small-to-medium business) sized businesses and start-up organizations find it even more difficult to invest in such areas due to the high cost.

    This leads to the question that how SMB (small-to-medium business) sized businesses and start-up organizations can increase their exposure and expand their audience without having to sacrifice much from their side. This is when enterprise e-commerce platforms such as Big Commerce and Shopify come in. Before we discuss the benefits of such platforms, it is important to understand how they work.

    What is Cloud-Based E-Commerce Software?

    The concept of e-commerce platforms such as big commerce and Shopify plus is very basic. They provide the user with streamlines and singular base where they can market and advertise their product and services effectively and efficiently and respond to the needs and wants of their customers.

    E-Commerce Software helps you expand and grow your online store by enabling you to manage inventory easily, bills, calculate taxes, automate checkouts, add or change products, fulfill orders and everything else required to manage your website and sales. This is a general overview of the e-commerce software. Some of the features provided by such platforms are:

    • Customer support services throughout the day
    • A mixture of different payment methods
    • Mobile responsive designs and themes.

    This helps increase sales because in today’s time nearly everyone has a smartphone and most of the purchases are made on a smartphone. According to statistics, Almost 40% of all eCommerce purchases during the 2018 holiday season were made using a smartphone, and in the last 6 months, 79% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile phone.

    It is important to create a shopping experience that your customers can enjoy from every device because statistics show that 40% of customers will go to the competitor brand after a bad mobile experience.

    • Customized front-end solutions
    • Easy to migrate from one platform to another
    • Unlimited bandwidth

    Another great benefit of having Cloud-Based E-Commerce Software such as Shopify Plus is that it offers packages with flexible pricing so that you can find the one that best suits your budget. This is a unique characteristic of Shopify and is not seen in older platforms such as Magento and Big Commerce.

    In a nutshell

    If an enterprise owner wishes to provide his business with a great amount of online exposure it is necessary for him to consider e-commerce software. Because e-commerce software help elevate customer experience which leads to increased audience and rankings. This results in greater exposure and visibility.


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