3 Common Challenges for Marketing Agencies and How to Solve Them

    3 Common Challenges for Marketing Agencies and How to Solve Them

    From newspapers ads, to radio commercials, to television commercials, to online ads, to email campaigns – marketing agencies have many different avenues for reaching customers.

    Strongly influenced by modern, digital technological advancements, marketing has become more integral and customized than ever before.

    Even with advanced technology, marketing agencies can have a hard time adapting. Along with the fresh challenges presented by new platforms and omnichannel environment, marketers are still facing the same old problems they always have. The biggest ones involve figuring out how to turn the target audience into customers, and how to understand their needs and requirements.

    To understand how marketing practices have changed, we bring you the common problems for marketing agencies.

    Adapting to the Digital Age

    The digital world that came upon us like a whirlwind storm has changed every aspect of marketing. This sudden change has left marketers with very little time to learn before the training wheels came off.

    Fast digitization, fast adaption and perfect execution are essential for marketing agencies who wish to have an edge over other competing agencies. Marketing on Google, marketing on various social media platforms and numerous analytic tools has opened up gates for these marketers if they are able to keep up with the fast-paced digital world.

    With all the data being stored and regulated online, marketers are facing the potential danger of losing information for their organisation. Luckily, however, they now have numerous tools at their disposal to prevent situations like this from happening and also, recover their vital information.

    OnlinePath, which is the top digital marketing agency in Adelaide, is adopting technologies and best practices to meet their customer expectation and adapt to digital changes. Of course, there are plenty of others who can help around the world, too.

    Not Addressing the Right Questions

    Marketing agencies now have all the needed tools for communication and engagement, but yet somehow they don’t emphasize on the requirements of their audience.

    Whether it’s their existing clients, potential clients, or brands – some marketing agencies have shifted their focus from catering to the needs of the customers to trying to utilize every tool available out there.

    However, there still are some good marketing agencies trying their best to understand their target audience better. These agencies know that with all the tools available to them, the human touch is still what matters the most. In other words, for good digital advertising, marketers need to ask the right questions – addressing the needs, fears and problems of their audience.

    Using the Same Approach for Different Channels

    Because digital marketing is relatively new, marketers are adopting a cookie-cutter approach for different channels available to them. The biggest challenge is for marketing agencies who are present on all the platforms but post regularly on just a few.

    In the world of digitization, customers demand more from brands, which means they want a different experience on each of the different platforms they use. Researchers revealed that 87 percent of customers expect brands to put more effort in regards to customer experience and services.

    Therefore, marketing agencies should focus more on how they communicate with their customers. The more marketing channels marketers decide to use, the more difficult it becomes to maintain their brand’s voice and image.

    In other words, marketing agencies should choose only the channels that are important for their business and niche in order to save themselves losing potential clients. Also, if they want to grow their business, they must post unique content across the chosen channels regularly.

    Final Words

    Digitization has changed a lot in the marketing world and has made a tremendous impact on the way marketers operate. To get the countless benefits that this digital age offers, marketers have to understand each change and adapt to it quickly.

    Digital marketing trends seem to move at the speed of light, so if marketers want to keep ahead of the competition, they have to stay active and act fast.


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