How to Choose the Right Flooring for you Kitchen

    When it comes to renovating your kitchen there are seemingly endless things to consider. The image may have been clear in your mind of the gleaming new space in which to prepare your meals. When it gets into the nitty-gritty, however, you realise just how many different door handles, counter surfaces, shades of paint and fridge-freezers there are in the world.

    Amidst the pondering over catalogs, color swatches and wanders around appliance stores; you may have even forgotten to consider the flooring! Then you realize there are numerous things to regard, even if you have a clear idea of the aesthetic in your mind.

    So, if you’re struggling to decide what kind of flooring to put in your new kitchen, we’re here to help. Read on to learn more about the types of flooring that are suitable for the kitchen to help you decide which one is right for you.

    What to consider before choosing your floor? 

    Since there are so many different kinds of flooring available, first you must consider the elements that will help you decide what kind of surface will be the perfect fit for your kitchen.


    Kitchens are typically a high-moisture area of the home due to running water and refrigerator condensation. Because of this, certain flooring types such as solid wood are not suitable here. This is because the floor can absorb moisture and expand, causing problems and damage to your flooring.

    Wear and tear 

    Regardless of the type of household you have, kitchens are a hotspot for all kinds of activity. Heavy footfall at house parties, hot plate dropping, spillage, spontaneous dancing, pet feeding and countless other life events that make memories that are lovely to look back on but not so kind on the flooring.

    You want to select a floor that can withstand it all and still look fresh! Many people opt for more durable surfaces in their kitchens such as Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVTs) as the materials used are designed to withhold more wear and tear than their counterparts. LVTs are also water resistant which adds an additional benefit!


    You’ll likely have a look in mind for what you want to achieve in your kitchen. If your heart was set on wood flooring, for example, you may not be too happy to hear it isn’t the best surface as mentioned above. However, the diversity of modern flooring surfaces means that most styles you could desire are available in more kitchen-friendly forms.

    The aforementioned LVTs can be printed in almost any style, so if you’re looking for something that resembles solid wood flooring you can opt for a style of LVT made to emulate real wood. Or, perhaps you’re seeking something more maximalist and want a more out there pattern – these tiles can come in almost any style!

    Laminate flooring is another good option if you’re looking for something that emulates wood, but it is important to seek out a water resistant laminate.

    Which flooring should you choose for your kitchen?

    As you decide to order your flooring in, you can consider what has been mentioned above before making your choice. We would recommend starting with the aesthetic – you have to live with it after all!

    Once you’ve decided on the look you’re after and confirmed that it matches with the other choices you have made for your kitchen, it is important to make sure it fits all of the other criteria outlined above. Is it suitable for a high-moisture area? Is it resistant to scratches and stains?

    You may also want to consider ordering free samples of flooring to test at home. Not only will these help you to see if the color works with the available light in your room and give you a better feel for how the different styles will look in your house, but you can also test how scratch/stain resistant they are before making your purchase.

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