Corporate retreat – What are the benefits for the team?

    Engaging your employees in the work routine, making it lighter, is very important to maintain the company’s health, and a great way to promote this engagement is to take your team to a corporate retreat. However, properly organizing this event requires some care.

    In this post, we are going to give you some tips for holding a corporate retreat, and tell you what the main benefits are for your company.

    The importance of the corporate retreat to promote engagement

    There are numerous benefits to holding a corporate retreat. One of them is that developing and improving personal skills and updating teams’ knowledge is one of the main assets. Improving the interaction between employees is another of them, after all, teams that have a good relationship and collaborate with each other are also more productive and loyal to the company.

    The corporate retreat can also be an excellent opportunity to build or even improve the corporate culture and provide greater rapport between teams and their leaders. The result of this is that everyone will cooperate so that the goals are achieved.

    Involving all the company’s employees in such a project can really make a huge difference in the company’s deliveries and profitability and, when successful, can help to generate new forms of communication and even change (for the better) the dynamics of the times, in a sustainable way.

    In addition, the exchange of experiences and the strengthening of interpersonal ties that take place in corporate retreats help employees to exercise their empathy and their dealings with other people, which can be very advantageous to improve customer service, for example.

    Another benefit is that this type of event can help highlight the company’s values ​​and mission, and serve as a “retraining” for employees, if you invest in important lectures for the smooth functioning of the organization. Even inviting motivational speakers is a good strategy to promote reflection and inspire teams. However, it is necessary to be attentive and verify that the guests are suitable for the objectives that the company aims to achieve with the retreat. A good presentation is one that is aligned with the company’s values ​​and goals.

    How to hold a corporate retreat?

    Create a core team

    It is extremely advisable to set up a corporate retreat planner team. Delegate tasks and ensure that everyone plays their role in order to reduce the risk of annoying unforeseen events.

    Leaving the collaborators themselves in charge of organizing the retreat is a great way to get them to integrate and collaborate with each other from the beginning, after all, it will take several meetings to align everything, and bonds can start to be born (and to strengthen) from there.

    Define the purpose of the retreat

    A corporate retreat can have several objectives, so it is important to clearly define the nature of the event and what the expected results are. The organization must be aligned with this objective, and it is important to promote tasks that lead to the desired path.

    Analyse the scenario

    For everything to go well at the event, it is important to study its viability. This includes defining the guests for the lectures, choosing the coffee break supplier according to the stipulated budget, defining the infrastructure that will be used, choosing the date, time and place of the corporate retreat, among other important actions.

    Make a good plan

    When organizing the event, pay attention to every detail, no matter how insignificant it may seem. This way, you avoid any unpleasant surprises at the H-time and ensure that everything goes as planned. It is necessary to plan in detail the times for each activity and make a schedule so that, on the agreed day, the teams make the most of the time of the event.

    Promote various lectures

    A corporate retreat is not just about engagement. For better use, it is also important to think about activities aimed at the professional and personal enrichment of employees. Therefore, it is important to invite professionals from different areas, such as receptionists, HR professionals, people who work in the segment in which the company operates, among other diversified profiles that can help make the discussion richer and motivate the teams even more.

    And you, have you considered holding a corporate retreat at your company? If so, we hope this post was helpful!

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