How To Carry Out Change Of Address?

    Moving temporarily or permanently? Let us make sure your mail comes with you. To make sure that the post is delivered to your new address when you have moved, you must report a change of address at your local post office. You can choose to submit a temporary or permanent change of address according to your want.

    And also you can cancel or modify your request. But canceling or modifying your request is applicable only to a temporary change of address. The reason for that is when you modify a temporary change of address; you can change the dates online, whereas, to modify or cancel a permanent change of address, all you will have to do is simply submit a new request.  You can submit the change of address request both offline and online.

    Online Process Through USPS:

    • Gone are those days when a change of address was always handled at the post office. You can do it online, but you do have to verify your identity. To prevent ID theft, it is important that you legitimize. Therefore you must use your bank ID. You will be asked to verify your identity with a debit or credit card, and you will be charged $1. Then you will be submitting your request for change of address. For further details, you can click on
    • It’s simple, and you can look ahead to the entire process to go smoothly and effortlessly. You will have many other things to consider about or work on if you are moving to a different place, so push the easy button.
    • When you opt for an offline submission of change of address, you will just fill out the form, including the dates and then you put it in the mail box or hand the form to the post office clerk. Following which you do have to give enough time to the post office officials to handle your change of address request.

    • One of the biggest drawbacks of opting for offline submission is the process of waiting in a long line. Standing in a slow-moving line is one of those very small, maddening aspects of life that drives many crazy. Even worst is the solo waits. Solo waits feel longer than group waits.
    • All you have to do is decide to go online to the USPS website, click on the right options and get your job done. That makes everything easy and cheap. Remember, you can also always call the USPS and handle the change of address over the phone.

    Offline submission:

    The change of address form is Form 3575, and it’s available at the post office. But who on earth would love to go to the post office, where you will have to stand in a long line. There will be people buying stamps, sending packages and doing everything under the sun. When there is butter on hand why go in search of ghee?


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