How Stephen Campolo Developed The Body Type Blueprint to Help You Lose Weight in Weeks

    Before Stephen Campolo created his Fat Loss Coaching Program, he was 100 lbs overweight and didn’t have much direction in his life. Most fat loss programs were created by people who never lost any weight so he knew he could make a difference by relating to people’s struggles with their weight.. Stephen is a former fat kid turned weight-loss expert, fitness author, and a personal strength and nutrition coach to Celebrities and some of the top CEOs in the country. But this didn’t happen overnight, this is over 17 years of trial and error. Stephen tried almost every diet and weight loss program and supplement possible. It took Stephen 17 years to come up with a proven system that works and will take your body to the next level.

    For anybody trying to lose weight, conformability is your number one enemy. Ryan Stewman calls it the Force of Average. In this case, food and laziness is the comfort zone you don’t want to get out of. In the comfort zone, there is no discipline and there is no taking action. Until Stephen realized he was locked inside a comfort zone nothing changed. It was until he realized he needed to take action, MASSIVE action if he wanted to really transform his life.

    Once you come to the realization that you need to make a change, you can formulate a game plan, in order to maximize fat burning while building muscle. Getting lean is not a one size fits all formula. “The reason I created this program is that I got tired of following and listening to so-called “nutrition coaches” and “online trainers” giving out cookie-cutter programs. I never got results from these so-called “experts” because they didn’t understand my struggle.” After the loss of a loved one, Stephen realized the fragility of life and started to share his thoughts and beliefs on social media. After gaining some traction and some major self-development Stephen was able to build a weightless system that catered to his body type. Momentum built from his social following and he launched his first coaching program.

    After gaining serious traction online with his program, people started reaching out to Stephen for personal training advice and tips on how to lose more weight. This is when Stephen was able to quit his day job and turn his weight loss challenge into a career. Stephen is currently opening registration for his new 12 -Week Transformation Coaching Program.

    These are some of his client’s results:






    Do you want to work with Stephen?
    He has created a movement around health and wellness and amassed a huge following on social media. Currently, Stephen has over a quarter-million followers on Instagram where he shares tips and tricks to staying healthy. You can follow him on Instagram @stephencampolo


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