Hiker’s Brew Coffee Review

    Coffee beans and coffee machine

    I received some samples of Hiker’s Brew for review. Candidly, I was a bit skeptical as I’m a hard-core espresso drinker and drink very little “American Coffee”. Although they have the convenience of camping in mind, it’s easy to make which is great after a sleep-deprived night with our 4-month-old. Nevertheless, I tried the Hazy Hiker and was pleasantly surprised with the taste profile and balance. I used my conventional coffee maker and added a little creamer (no sugar).

    I plan on adding Hiker’s Brew to my coffee rotation as I drink about 5 cups a day. Between the pleasant flavor as a quality coffee I highly recommend this blend and I’m going to check out the rest of the line of coffees.

    Learn more about Hiker’s Brew here: http://hikersbrewcoffee.com


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