No one since Al Capone made more money for the mob!

    “Michael Franzese’s A Mob Story”

    {Atlantic City, New Jersey} Appearing at the Superstar Theater at Resorts Casino & Hotel on Saturday November 19, 2022, will be Michael Franzese, a former “made man” and a Capo for New York’s Columbo crime family. His true story has been airing for years on both the History Channel and National Geographic. His weekly YouTube show has over 4.6 million views per month worldwide and to many of his fans, he’s considered the “Dr. Phil” of organized crime. The show is at 8 pm at Resorts Casino & Hotel located at 1133 Boardwalk, Atlantic City NJ.

    The son of former underboss John “Sonny” Franzese, Michael was enrolled in a pre-med program at Hofstra University but dropped out to make money for his family after his father was sentenced in 1967 to 50 years in prison. Michael implemented a scheme to defraud the federal government out of gasoline taxes in the early 1980’s. By the age of 35 “Fortune Magazine” listed him as number 18 on its list of the Fifty Most Wealthy and Powerful Mafia Bosses!  At the height of his career, he was personally making 1 million dollars a week. In 1986 he was sentenced to 10 years in prison on conspiracy charges and ultimately released in 1994.
    How does a Capo, for one of the nation’s largest crime families, gross 8 million dollars a week, make over a billion $$’s for the mob, in a relatively short time, leave the life and live without being in witness protection? Time Magazine says it best, “It’s the 1st time a high-ranking member of the Mafia publicly walked away from his past!” During Michael’s 60 -70 minutes on stage, you’ll get answers to all those questions and more because his show ends with a Q & A session. Answers that are incredibly revealing and the truth about mafia life!
    Michael became a born-again Christian while serving 10 years in prison and he’s been lecturing for the past 25 years to universities, law enforcement, mega churches, insurance companies and corporations. He has millions of followers worldwide on social media and any serious mafia and mob enthusiast or mafia film fan knows his name! All his stories are true and each one offers hope to many and a valuable lesson to be learned.
    Special VIP tickets are available for a meet & greet with Michael backstage after the show which includes a personally autographed copy of his book “Mafia Democracy” A video link of Michael’s true mafia story can be viewed on his web page at the Resorts Casino & Hotel website. Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased through Ticketmaster and or by “clicking” this link.

    Michael Franzese – A Mob Story – Resorts Atlantic City Events (

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