Get a Better Buzz: 4 Fantastic Methods of Smoking Weed

    Tinctures and edibles are fun, but smoking weed is the fastest way to change your headspace. As you inhale, cannabis chemicals, like THC, begin coursing through your body.

    Within a matter of seconds, the THC reaches your brain and you can start enjoying the psychoactive effects.

    However, even though smoking weed gets you high fast, most highs only last 2 hours tops. If you want to increase your high and make it last longer, we can help!

    We’ve created a list that includes 4 amazing methods of smoking weed. While some of these methods may be familiar to you, by making a few tweaks, you can experience a high like never before. Read on to learn the best ways to get crazy high, smoking weed.

    1. Hot Box With a Gas Mask

    While using a gas mask isn’t something suitable for everyday smoke sessions, it’s something everyone should experience at least once. First, you’ll want to loosen the straps located on the back of the gas mask. Next, gently slide the headpiece over your head.

    Once you have the gas mask in the right position, you can tighten the straps. Moving on, you’ll want to place the bowl back into the bong and pack it with some delicious bud. Now you’re ready to light up and inhale.

    After clearing the bong, let the mask stay on your face for a little bit, while you enjoy the hotbox effects. Your face will be surrounded by tasty, swirling smoke, helping you get higher than ever before. Finally, disconnect the bong first, and then remove the mask.

    Eat a Mango Before Using a Gas Mask

    Mango’s aren’t just delicious, they can also enhance your high. How? Certain plants contain hydrocarbons which are types of terpenes. Marijuana plants are full of terpenes, including myrcene.

    Mangos are also jam-packed with myrcene. Combining the 2 together is said to make the high more intense, while also making it last longer. So slice up a mango, gobble it up, put your gas mask on, and enjoy the ride!

    1. Get to Dabbing

    Have you ever tried using a dab rig before? As dab rigs rise in popularity, more and more pot enthusiasts are giving it a go. What exactly is dabbing though? Instead of using pipes to smoke your bud, dabs are for smoking waxes and oils.

    The waxes and oils are super concentrated forms of marijuana, making them more potent than traditional marijuana flowers. To have the best dabbing experience, don’t take huge dabs, especially if you’re a first-timer. You should also dab at low temperatures so the concentrates don’t combust.

    Finally, you’ll want to clean your dab rig frequently. Luckily, cleaning a dab rig is much easier than cleaning a water pipe. Sometimes, all you’ll need is hot water to remove the residue from your piece.

    Buzz Enhancing Dab Beverages

    What beverages can take your dabbing session to the next level? First, if you like milk, have a hot or cold glass of chocolate milk right before your first dab. There’s something about having a deliciously thick layer of milk coating your throat right before you take a hit.

    However, if milk isn’t your thing, go fruity. Guava, pineapple, and orange juices have flavor profiles that pop even more when you’re smoking weed. If you don’t believe us, go ahead and give it a try!

    1. Use Cannabis Pipes Like a Pro

    If you’ve smoked weed before, you’ve probably tried using a traditional handheld pipe. Smoking a bowl of weed in a pipe is one of the most common methods of smoking weed. However, a lot of marijuana lovers are going about it all wrong.

    Here are a few tips to make sure you’re getting the best high from your pipe:

    • Choose the right pipe
    • Use a grinder
    • Pack lightly at the bottom
    • Pack dense at the top

    First, make sure the bowl your packing is big enough if you’re going to be sharing. Trying to have a smoke session with a tiny bowl, can mean you’ll be hitting ashes more than the flower.

    If you’re smoking by yourself, you’ll want to avoid using a gigantic bowl. Instead, solo smoke sessions work best with smaller bowls because you’ll be able to get the greenest hits.

    Finally, if you’re not grinding up your weed, you totally should be. When you grind up your weed, you’ll realize you have more weed than you thought you did.

    Get High off Cheese

    When the munchies hit, try going for something cheesy. Think grilled cheese, or extra cheesy nachos, or of course, cheese pizza!

    Going cheesy isn’t just a way to make satisfy your munchies, it can also make you higher. How can this be?

    Casein is a protein found in cheese and it can help get you high all by itself. As your body digests the cheese it begins producing peptides that can help you feel relaxed and euphoric.

    1. Make a Thai Stick

    A Thai Stick is like a joint on steroids. Here’s everything you’ll need to make a Thai Stick of your own:

    • Fluffy buds of weed
    • Chopstick
    • Hemp string
    • Sugar water
    • Parchment paper

    You’ll begin by coating the chopstick with sugar water to make it sticky. Next, use the hemp string to bind the fluffy nugs of weed to the stick. Then, place what have made so far into the parchment paper and put it in the fridge.

    Let the Thai Stick sit and dry in the fridge for a few days. After a few days, carefully unwrap the hemp string from the Thai Stick. If you didn’t use enough sticky sugar water, the buds will fall off and you’ll have to start over.

    After removing the string, coat the entire stick with sugar water again. Next, wrap the stick with the parchment paper and warm it up on a hot plate for 5-10 seconds. As it warms, the sugar water will spread and seal the stick together. When you’re done heating, you can use the hemp string again to tie up the stick.

    Finally, place the stick back into the fridge. This will allow the Thai stick to cure in low temperatures. Now, you have a fully made Thai Stick!

    Simply unwrap the parchment paper, and hemp string, take out the stick, and light up! You’ll quickly realize the weed has a new flavor you’ve never appreciated before. That’s because you let it cure, allowing you to have a top-notch smoking experience.

    Amazing Methods of Smoking Weed

    Now you know the most amazing methods of smoking weed! What method are you going to try first?

    Will you be upping your pipe game by making sure you’re using the right bowl? Or perhaps you have the patience to make a Thai Stick and enjoy some delayed gratification.

    Whatever method you choose, remember to have tasty snacks and drinks nearby to make the experience even better. For more ways to have the best time ever, explore the rest of this site!


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