A Complete List on Formal Wear Accessories: What Should You Own?

    Formal wear for men is a staple requirement in most economy-driven places. Whether you are in offices, business meetings, or weddings, this type of ensemble is the best match. Throw in a formal shirt, a sports coat, and a pair of shiny oxfords, and you are good to go. But aside from these main elements, there are also small details that accent the whole fit. 

    Accessories are a few of the most vital pieces to look after in every style. But in formal wear, it’s a different thing. These make the term “formal,” and even if you wear the jacket and trousers, without the accessories, it cannot be called so. Investing on these is a must, and so here is the full list of attachments that you’ll need for this formal look:

    1. Watches

    Giving the best impression starts with your watch. Having a sleek, or some would say, an expensive timepiece can deal you high in business opportunities. So if you’re having a big break in a business meeting, try subtle-flexing your most-priced wrist accessory. 

    Timepieces like the ones from the Hamilton American Classic collection give out high-caliber performance and the best complications a watch can ever have. These are few of the best go-to pieces that you don’t want to miss investing in – sleek, striking and tux-worthy.   

    1. Neckties

    Neckties add grandeur to your suit. Wearing one signifies proper etiquette, and can also mean serious business. The best thing about these is that it can be tied in many knots, given the Windsor as one. These also have various fabrics and colors to choose from, depending on your style or attitude. They that ties do give the real impression even if noticed second. 

    1. Bowties

    Now, these are neckties in bowknots. Bowties only have one characteristic, unlike neckties, who have various styles. Although worn in more formal events, these are also present in high-end restaurants and hotels. Choosing between the necktie and the bowtie relies on the user’s discretion. But, corporate attires would prefer knots rather than these. 

    1. Lapel Flowers and Pins

    These could be the best finishing touches when it comes to formal wear. Popularized in England, wearing lapel flowers became constant embezzlement. These do not signify any importance at all, but rather it gives an elegant finish to the fit. Pins also do the same as an aesthetic to the whole ensemble, only without the petals on it. 

    1. Leather Belt

    Leather belts are also vital in a formal look. Imagine tucking in your shirt without something to hold it with your trousers. It may look simple, but it seems clumsy. It also shows an image of respect and security for the people when they look at it. 

    1. Suspenders

    Suspenders are like belts, but you should never wear both at the same time. Achieving a crisp and straightforward look can usually be tricky, and the subtlety of this piece is the right solution. Although, you cannot wear this if your pants are loose, so make sure you get the perfect waistline. Otherwise, you can still ditch this and head up straight to the buckles.

    1. Sock Suspenders

    We all know where this leads. This time, it still serves the same purpose, only which it holds up socks. Some socks have loose calf grips, making visible stacks underneath. Although you can invest in tight-hugging socks, using these is still recommendable for double insurance. 

    1. Mid-calf Socks

    Mid-calf socks are the best socks when paired with formal shoes. These allow you to expose your style because of the various prints and designs available in the market. The length of these is also ideal, unlike wearing high-knee and no-show socks. You can then match these with a clean pair of wingtips, and you are more than competent to go. 

    1. Rings

    Other than aesthetics, these accessories also show power and wealth. Now, this is very special when it comes to formal events because the impression that you will get is beneficial. Just like watches, rings show authority, making you dependable on corporate decisions. Talk about looking like a boss on your first intern weeks!

    1. Shoes

    Choosing the kind of formal footwear during formal events can be dangerous. People may not appreciate your look, and eventually making you less influential inside the room. Brogues and oxfords are the best ones to invest at, as these appeals most to the whole formal get-up. You can always find these in-stores and online at low prices. 


    These accessories are worth the investments, especially if you are working in a corporate world. These allow you to have a sense of pride when worn all together, consequently giving yourself confidence. Psychologically, when you become confident, you also become decisive, smart, and trustworthy. Just don’t replace your boss on your first day!


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