Fun Activities For Kids To Do When They’re Bored

    Kids can get bored with many things in life, from the way their toys are set up to what they’re told to do. But if you find your child experiencing boredom, and you don’t have any entertainment planned for them, they can do some fun activities on their own.

    Most kids are creative when they’re given a chance to be, but children are just as likely to have fun when you give them a few ideas. The following activities are great for keeping kids entertained in almost any situation, whether inside or outside.

    Let’s find out.

    1. Tape Art

    Your child can help you to draw an image on a piece of paper. On a later date, give your child a section of tape and have them stick it firmly on the paper to pick up the “print” of the image. As much as you may think of something simple, kids will always enjoy making their images as well.

    2. Design from crayons

    If you have a child that loves to craft, they’ll likely enjoy using their fingers to press down on crayons and make designs. According to Jason Walker the founder of, craft projects help kids develop their motor skills.

    While this activity does produce colors rather than black-and-white prints, it’s loads of fun for kids. Plus, your kid can work on creating new color combinations with their crayons.

    3. Pysanky (Ukrainian Easter Egg) Art

    This activity requires more work and some additional supplies, but it is well worth the effort. To begin, your child can draw or write on an empty egg using a wax pencil or pen that will dissolve in hot water. 

    When the image has been drawn, your child can begin to color it with wax crayons. After all of the colors have been used, dip the egg into a pot filled with hot water.

     Keep adding new wax colors on top of the old ones until you get your desired look! Let the colored egg dry and harden overnight before using an oil lamp or candles to melt the colors. With this activity, you can make custom holiday decorations or give them away as gifts.

    4. Picture Hunt

    You can create your picture hunt by simply drawing a quick outline of an object on a piece of paper and having your child color in their favorite parts. When everything has been colored in, take turns trying to find the object that you drew.

    You can switch it up and draw new objects every time, or you can stick with the same game until your child has mastered their coloring skills.

    5. Pipe Cleaner Art

    If you have some pipe cleaners at home, this activity is likely right up your child’s alley. All you’ll need is a bit of paper and some paint or markers for the base of your project. Fold your paper over, so it covers three-fourths of itself, and have your child cut small sections of pipe cleaners. 

    The more pipe cleaners you use, the higher the final product will be once it’s done. With a little bit of paint or markers, get creative with this activity and let your kid go wild.

    6. Pipe cleaner art for an astronaut themed birthday party

    If your child is bored of coloring and painting, you can encourage them to draw on a larger scale. You can use chalkboard paint on the sidewalk outside (or inside) and let your child go wild with their drawings as long as you’re okay with waiting until the weather is calm enough for the chalk to stick firmly. 

    This activity will be enjoyable for young artists because you can create a whole new canvas to work on.

    7. Make Your Magazines

    If your child likes to be creative, let them use their imagination with this fun activity. You’ll need some extra paper, construction paper, magazines, glue sticks, tape, scissors, and other craft supplies. Let your child create the front and back covers for their magazine, and let them look through old magazines to find their favorite things. 

    After everything has been cut out, invite your child to help you build the insides of the magazine. If your kid is artistic enough, they can draw their pictures as well.

    8. Animal Shelter Activities

    If you have a few pets at home, this activity will be entertaining because your child can learn about caring for their favorite animals. 

    First, identify what animal your kid likes best and then gather some basic supplies like pet shampoo, conditioner, and various types of brushes (a slicker brush works best on long-haired cats). 

    Your child can help you bathe the animals, brush their fur and give them some love. If your child is still young enough to need some training wheels, this activity can be done mainly through yourself with your child’s supervision.

    9. Art Projects For Kids

    Another fun activity that will make your child feel like they have accomplished something is art projects. Look through some old magazines with your child and cut out images that appeal to them. 

    You can then glue these pictures onto a piece of paper and let your child color in the bright areas, add pencil marks where shading is needed, or leave it as it is.

     This concept will work best for older children who can draw and color, but younger children can still enjoy this activity if you guide them through the steps.

     If you’re craving such a fun activity for yourself, try organizing an art project day with your child. You can make it a family bonding experience and use some of these activities to get started. Maybe instead of coloring pictures on paper, your child can color a picture on the sidewalk outside with chalk.

    Maybe you’ll bring out the big-kid tools and have your child help paint a fence or other household object that would be fun to decorate. Don’t just let them watch TV all day – get them involved, interact and have fun.

    We hope you found some great ideas for fun activities to do with your kids when they’re bored. Remember that it’s always a good idea to ask them what they want to do, and then try doing that activity together. If there are any other tips or tricks we missed, please share them in the comments below. 

    Main Photo by Sharon McCutcheon.


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