Top 10 Kitchen Items Every Home Chef Should Own

    Building a home kitchen is a similar undertaking to building a home. It takes the same amount of care and patience to find the right items to fill out. Of course, that applies in the case that your finances allow you that kind of shopping. 

    For most chefs, that is far from the truth. While they prepare tasty and exquisite meals, they need to pay for commodities of life like anyone else. 

    Still, they can build a home kitchen worthy of a chef. At least if they know how to pick the right items.  

    1. Cast Iron Cookware 

    Cast iron pan should be a standard item in any kitchen. As a piece of cookware, it helps you to cook healthier and tastier meals. Also, it develops your skills as a chef since it requires specific maintenance and cooking technique. 

    As a cookware material, cast iron is rich in iron and minerals that mix with your food. It helps the food to retain the juices and cook in them. And, you can even stir, fry, bake, and even boil food in the cast iron pan. It is a rather versatile piece of cookware.

    Another benefit of the cast iron pan is that it is affordable. You can find deals online or purchase them in stores for a moderate amount of money.  

    2. Set of Knives

    Photo by Charles Deluvio.

    Knives are integral to any kitchen. A quality set of knives makes you more productive in the kitchen. And, they can help you to add a nice touch to all food you cook. More than anything else, they are necessary for the proper preparation of all ingredients you cook. 

    For example, you can use the same knife for meat and vegetables. However, there are specific knives for meat, and there are those more common for vegetables. While you can use the same knife, it is more professional to get several knives. 

    The thing about knives is that you can buy them in sets. If you want to invest some money, buy a quality set of knives. 

    3. Rubber and Metal Spatula 

    Rubber and metal spatulas are necessary to control the cooking process. When you cook eggs, vegetables, or even meat, you want to stir and flip it. Then, having a spatula for various ingredients improves the cooking process. 

    For most ingredients, you may use a metal spatula. The problem with it is that the food may stick to the metal spatula. Then, cleaning becomes a problem. Then, a rubber spatula comes in as a perfect solution. You can use problematic ingredients without issues in the cleaning process. 

    Luckily, both rubber and metal spatula are cheap and affordable items. And, you can find them in most stores.  

    4. Tongs 

    Tongs are another item that seems self-explanatory, but people fail to cop it for their kitchen. The thing about tongs is that they can help to cook better. While you may turn a steak with a spatula or fork, it is better to do it with tongs. 

    Also, you are going to barbecue from time to time. For those purposes, it is necessary to have a pair of tongs. 

    Similar to the spatula, tongs are affordable. And, you can buy tongs at almost any store.  

    5. Whisk 

    Photo by James Frewin.

    Whisk is an item that seems almost vintage. You can use mixers or similar items to mix your ingredients. But, nothing beats the control and the feel of the whisk. It is a cooking item worthy of a chef. 

    There are various types of whisks. You can select a whisk by material (wooden or metal) and by shape. Both are relevant when you master a specific cuisine or food type (cakes, sweets). For most purposes, you can buy a metal whisk.

    Again, it is another item that is affordable. So, cop it as soon as you can. 

    6. Mixing Bowl 

    A mixing bowl is an elementary piece of cookware. To mix any ingredients, you need something to put them and combine. For that, you need a fine mixing bowl. Of course, there are other ways to mix ingredients, but this remains an elementary way to do the task. 

    There are mixing bowls of different sizes and different materials. Plastic mixing bowls are regular. If they have a production of quality, you can use them. Sometimes, you can go for a metal bowl, especially if you cook a lot. 

    Mixing bowls come at different prices. You can buy a moderate-price mixing bowl and use it for months, even years.  

    7. Cutting Board 

    A cutting board is a necessity in the kitchen. While you can cut meat, vegetables, and fruit in hand, it is much better to do it with a cutting board. 

    Another thing about cutting boards is that they vary in shape and size. The most common shape is the rectangle shape with a handle. However, there are other forms and shapes. Also, you buy a cutting board with a standard size. 

    Cutting boards are affordable. And, you can find them in almost any store. 

    8. Dutch Oven 

    Photo by Stacey Doyle.

    A Dutch oven is another elementary piece of cookware. While you need several pans, a dutch oven is an item that broadens the scope of your culinary possibilities. 

    It is a cookware that allows you to cook soups, stews, and other similar meals. A quality dutch oven has fine materials, sizes, and handles to help the cooking process. 

    Dutch ovens vary in price. Avoid buying a cheap dutch oven if you want your food to have a quality taste. 

    9. Wooden Spoon 

    Photo by Edson Saldaña.

    A wooden spoon is another item you want in your kitchen. While you need metal spoons for eating, the wooden spoon helps you cook. 

    The thing about wooden spoons is that they are excellent for stirring food. Also, wooden spoons have a long handle, protecting your hand from hot oil. Another use of a wooden spoon is that you can use it for stirring a stew and tasting the food. 

    It is an elementary piece of cookware. Get a piece.  

    10. Non-Stick Pan 

    Finally, you want to get a non-stick pan. A non-stick pan helps you to cook almost any oil-based meal. Thus, having a non-stick pan can save your life and your kitchen. 

    Non-stick pan is an affordable kitchen item. Ensure to pay an extra buck to get a pan with a proper surface that lasts. 

    Once you get these items, you can say that you have a kitchen worthy of a chef.  

    Build a Home Kitchen 

    Building a home kitchen takes time and money. Luckily, you can get most items for your kitchen right away. 

    The matter here is that you want to invest more time in picking the items. That way, you can make your investments last. And, you can ensure a tastier meal with each cooking effort. 

    Main Photo by Rosalind Chang.


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