Four Tips for Maximizing Convenience

    It’s no secret that life can get hectic, crazy, and frankly a bit out of control. What can be a secret though is how you can prevent these rather inevitable feelings from happening. If you’ve ever had moments where you’ve thought, there’s got to be an easier way to do this, or what could I have done differently to make things go smoother and faster, then you’re after some basic convenience life hacks.

    Basic convenience hacks are exactly as they sound – they are tricks and tips that you can use that will make your day go a lot more smoothly. They can save you time, frustration, and effort, thereby putting you in a much better mood. So, here’s a look at four invaluable tips for maximizing convenience in your life.

    Get Yourself a Single-Serve Coffee Machine

    If you’re the type that appreciates a good hot cup of coffee, especially in the morning, then there is nothing more convenient and useful than a single-serve coffee machine, such as the popular Nespresso. With these, there is no need to brew a big pot of coffee – which takes more time and can result in waste. Instead, you simply choose the pod or capsule that you want, pop it in the machine, and within a few seconds you’ve got a piping hot cup of coffee.

    You can even brew up a cup of flavorful espresso with espresso pods, which are just as easy to use. That extra jolt of flavor and caffeine is sure to get your day going. For those unfamiliar with it, espresso is a much stronger black coffee that is brewed by forcing steam right through the coffee beans that have been ground.

    No Need to Iron While on Vacation – Learn How to Fold Properly

    Now, how many times have you gone on vacation, or even a business trip, only to open up your luggage and find a complete disaster inside? Your clothes are simply thrown in, everything needs to be ironed, and it just looks like a rumpled mess. Did you know that by taking the time to fold your clothes properly you can cut down and even eliminate the need to iron all together?

    You can find a number of tutorials online to help you fold your dress shirts, and you can use the technique of rolling your clothes – which will prevent creasing and lines from happening.

    Stop Wasting Time Rummaging Around for Matching Sheets

    Most households have at least a few sets of sheets kicking around so that there is always a clean one that can be put on the bed. Now if you have multiple beds in your house, suddenly the number of sheet sets starts to increase, which can make quite the mess of your storage or linen closet.

    Rather than rifling through all the sheets trying to find a matching set, try storing a full set inside the matching pillowcase. You will instantly have access to all the pieces you need, and it makes storage much tidier.

    Stop Throwing Out Fresh Herbs Before You Can Use Them

    For those who consider themselves a bit of a foodie, or even novices, there is probably a high chance you pick up fresh herbs each week for various meals. These add fabulous flavor to any dish but they often end up going bad before you can use them up completely. This hack will ensure there is no waste, and that you have access to fresh herbs whenever you need them.

    Simply chop up your herbs, place them in an empty ice cube tray, and then fill each cube with olive oil until it reaches the top. You can then pop them in the freezer and grab for your little herb cubes whenever needed.

    Life Hacks Make All the Difference

    While none of these hacks is anything particularly earth-shattering, each of them saves you time and convenience, which overall starts to have a real positive effect on your life.


    • Tom La Vecchia

      Founder of New Theory & X Factor Media

      Founder and Publisher of New Theory Magazine and Podcast. Serial Entrepreneur who loves wine, cigars and anything that allows to people to connect and share experiences.

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