How To Protect Yourself In The Event Of Divorce

    On our wedding day, all of us say our vows with the sincere belief that we will mean them forever. Unfortunately, one in four marriages is reported to end in divorce, and it has become a heartbreaking but accepted part of modern life. If you find yourself in this situation, it can be a confusing and overwhelming timewith endless documents to fill in, finances to sort, and, in the worse case, an angry ex to deal with. From accessing Barrister Support Services to helping you protect your money, here are some top tips for dealing with a divorce, and some advice to help protect you and your assets.

    Be Prepared

    Evidence is everything in the event of a divorce, and so it is crucial to gather as much paperwork as you can in the event of a dispute. If you are planning to leave your partner or ask for a divorce, it is useful to get as much evidence as you can to support any claims you may make.

    This includes details of your spouse’s bank account, pension and any savings which you may be entitled to, as well as any joint accounts you share. Copies of mortgage or rental documents can also be useful as can documents such as a marriage license and your birth certificate. If you have children, it can also be a good idea to gather details of any bank or savings accounts they may have, as well as their passports and identification documents.

    Check Your Status

    It is a good idea to consult with a lawyer early on to ensure that your assets are protected. If you have a prenuptial agreement, this should be covered relatively easily, but it is worth double checking that any investments or properties are in your name and cannot be claimed by your spouse.  

    Try To Stick To The Facts

    Divorce is an emotional time, and it is only natural that you will want to vent and release those emotions on the person who is closest to you— usually your soon to be ex-spouse. This is particularly true if the split is as a result of irrational behavior or infidelity, and you may be tempted to lash out and hurt the other person to help reduce your pain.

    While this is understandable, it is important to try and remain calm and detached in the event of a confrontation or any legal environment. Stick to the facts, and put your side across in a way which shows you are totally in control. This point is especially important if the custody of your children is at stake.

    Take Time For Yourself

    Divorce is a hugely stressful and traumatic event, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed. It is crucial to take time out for yourselfto try and reduce stress and focus on eating healthily, getting enough sleep, and exercising where possible. While divorce may seem like the end of the world, you will need your health when you come out of the other side—don’t neglect your wellbeing or let the stress of events overwhelm you.


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