Factors To Consider When Hiring Magicians For Party

    There are many magicians in Singapore to hire, and every magician Singapore will claim that he or she is the best in the industry. The biggest challenge to those who need to hire a magician is, who amongst these professionals to hire. Sure, what you want is to get the most out of the money you paid for, and to that, you want them to bring happiness to your event and not the other way round. 

    Factors To Consider When Hiring A Magician

    If you are still challenged in choosing the best magician Singapore to hire, the guidelines below can somehow help you find success on who amongst these professionals can adhere to your requirements and standards:

    • Know Many Kinds And Types Of Magic Tricks

    The magician should be able to showcase many types of magic, card tricks, close up magic, illusions, comedy magic and more. Being able to show variations of magic would ensure you that your guests will be fully entertained to his/her performance. 

    The more magic he/she can show, the better. In the event that you are hiring a group of magicians, make sure that they have different kinds of magic to showcase, as if the type of magic they can show is just the same as the others you hire, then you are not making the most out of the money you pay them, later on because of repetitive performance, your guests will get bored. EMagicalMoment has so many types and kinds of magic to show their guests and hiring them for your next event is good to consider. 

    • Their Location

    Hiring a local magician is highly recommended for parties or any events per se. You would not want your guests to wait too long just because your magician cannot make it on time, due to traffic, non-availability of transportation and so on, hire someone you know can reach the venue of the party the soonest and fastest time possible.

    True, they will all try their best to make it on time, but there are circumstances that cannot be controlled by anyone. Just to be on the safer side, hire professional magicians you know can arrive at the venue on time or best if earlier.  

    Note: You can hire magicians from places away from your city, provided you already tested their professionalism and timeliness. 

    • Their Price

    You definitely want to hire the best magicians in your area, but if your budget does not permit to hire them, then might as well consider those magicians that can perform almost the same as the veterans but charge minimal. 

    For parties, there are a lot of expenses you need to shoulder and trying to cut expenses by hiring those who charge smaller can help you a lot. 

    There are many magicians to hire in Singapore, and as someone who needs to hire one, he/she should choose wisely and consider factors stated above. Magicians can be a good attraction to any event hence worthy to consider. 


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