Building Your Brand, Link By Link – Why Your Business Needs Link Building

    With SEO being integrated into the marketing plans and budgets of many successful businesses, the power of link building appears to know no bounds. Assisting with technical attributes and content delivery, link building should be something you prioritise in your business. If you’re not quite sold on the process or premise, here are the benefits that link building can bring to your business.

    What is link building?

    Link building is the exercise of creating and acquiring web page links from other websites. It can lead a reader from one page to the next, while also improving the authority and rank of your website. This will then allow your website to be recognised by Google as a page that should be higher and thus appear in front of more searchers. The process is known to be a labour intensive one, which is why many clients find a leading link building agency to manage that important role.

    Link building creates relationships

    If you operate in a niche market, then link building is a great way to build relationships with other businesses in the same or complementing market. You typically won’t set out to establish these connections for anything other than a link at first, but this can be a great side benefit and one that you can explore in many ways. Guest posting is a very common feature now, and if you use it to your advantage you can be giving and receiving quality links and content which will ultimately share your funnel.

    Link building creates referral business

    It’s one thing to let the market know how good you are, and it’s quite another to have another entity do it for you. High-quality links can send a healthy supply of traffic to your website, as they have been referred by a website that they trust. Referred marketing provides a key opportunity to get your product or service in front of a new audience and turn them into brand advocates and repeat customers.

    An opportunity to educate and inform

    If you haven’t yet enjoyed some business profile in the market you operate, this could be a great chance to get it. Rather than quickly pulling together a lacklustre blog or article, take the opportunity to tackle a complex issue or topic that you know your market is curious about. If you haven’t yet dabbled in content marketing, a great place to start is your frequently asked questions and build out titles based on those enquiries.

    Before you start linking…

    It’s natural to want to feel like jumping in with both feet, and start your link building. Before you do so, cast a critical eye over your website so that you can diagnose and correct any issues before you start bringing traffic there. It can be quite an ironic conversation for SEO specialists explaining that there need to be fundamental changes to the website for link building, only to receive a denial. Spending the money and time link building will all be for nothing if your audience cannot navigate or succinctly understand your business and want to use it. Get your website speed, content and user experience to a high standard before you start link building. 

    Link building can be the difference that your business needs to start playing in a new competitive set. While this can be achieved in-house, it will not draw the same results, strategy and speed of a leading link building agency. Even if you simply wish to learn more about the model, call a link building agency and see if you can have those questions answered outright.


    • Tom La Vecchia

      Founder of New Theory & X Factor Media

      Founder and Publisher of New Theory Magazine and Podcast. Serial Entrepreneur who loves wine, cigars and anything that allows to people to connect and share experiences.

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