DJ Frankie Four Fingers – Millennial On The Move

    DJ Frankie Four Fingers is EDMs best kept secret.  Now that secret is revealed.

    This is our 2nd installment of our Millennial on the Move as our Kaylyn Plum article achieved close to 800,000 impressions resulting in over 8,000 visits to the our ever growing site.   The Millennial on the move segment is truly highlight rising stars from Generation Y and DJ Frankie has been an EDM best kept secret until now.

    DJ Frankie Four Fingers is a little on the shy side as he lets his music speak for himself.  He is both an upcoming DJ and Producer.  He composes original music as he been DJ’ing for over 10 years in his early teens. He started out DJ’ing parties just like any other young person in his shoes.  He got his nickname from playing soccer scoring “The Hand of God” with four fingers.  Originally from NJ, and graduated from Drew University with a degree in music and his EDM obsession went from a hobby to a full fledged career.  He is secretive and a bit shy about his likeness but decided to share two tracks and his style and talent will speak for himself:

    First Track – Scotch Plains:

    Source: SoundCloud

    Second Track – Large Bills

    Source: Sound Cloud

    Image Source: Google Images