Wearable Technology is on the rise!

    Wearable Technology continues to grow at a record pace and millennials are leading the charge.

    What does Wearable Technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Internet of Things IOT have to do with the future? Everything.

    This is why Stealth Performance Communication is the First B2B Wearable Technology dedicated to the elimination of miscommunication in extremely dangerous & chaotic situations like Warfare, Medical Emergencies, Space Travel and even in-game sport communication.

    Why has chaotic communication been neglected for decades but most organizations?

    We at SPC feel that it is because people try to avoid chaos, instead, of creating order out of it. At Stealth Performance Communication, we strive to bring the future closer through perfecting chaotic communications and saving lives.

    Imagine every QB & MLB in the NFL having the ability to run their offense like Tom Brady, or having their defense being directed by an elite player such as Luke Kuechly? Stealth Performance Communication is bringing this type of innovation to the game. Their proprietary technology is the future of sport communication. With simple, user-friendly interface that provides individuals with the ability to carry out complex game strategies; while directly eliminating miscommunication and language barriers, in addition to the ability for opposing team to intercept vital game information.

    At Stealth Performance Communication, our main mission is elimination of miscommunication in chaotic environments. We achieve this through the clever use of wearable technology.  Stealth Performance Communication is the premier wearable technology device, designed to streamline communication and even save lives in other industries. We passionately believe in innovation by synergizing the realm of technology to the world of sports.

    We accomplish all of this with a user-friendly system that is protected by military grade encryption but, most importantly, by maintaining traditional play and increasing competitiveness. By getting physically talented players on the field earlier in their careers, this will place substantial impact on marketability of “team assets”…THE PLAYERS! This ultimately means greater revenues for the team, and (when properly orchestrated) more wins!

    With the current communication issues in sports, Stealth Performance Communication is your solution in the wearable technology revolution.

    Stealth Performance Communication’s (SPC) Wearable Technology solution to miscommunication is just the beginning. Although ideal for Major League Baseball, SPC also reduces language barriers during the new age revolution of wearables, and Internet of Things (IOT) in medical environments and military/ security sectors.

    What exactly can this Business to Business (B2B) wearable be used for?

    SPC is fully adaptable to multiple chaotic environments such as sporting events (NFL, MLB, NCAA, etc.), military and police sectors (special forces and SWAT Teams), and medical fields (combat zones, ER’S and EMT units). This is critical for many different reasons- most notably to save lives. Lives can be saved through better communication in Emergency Rooms, greater efficiency on medical teams, and lack of neglect in the workplace (accountability).

    MedWear (product of Stealth Performance Communication system) eliminates miscommunication in medical and military emergencies. This is critical in EMT responses, hospital settings, and other medical facilities. Miscommunication is a large contributor to malpractice, injuries in the workplace, and even numerous deaths. Not only can we eliminate these simple mistakes, but also can make communication in these emergencies more efficient and effective.

    We do this with a military encrypted privatized network, coded message software (HIPAA Compliant), and ability to work with IOT technology to collect data on the workplace. This data will be used to increase efficiency and aid in Industrial Liquidation.

    We use OLED (organic light emitting diodes) to power our next generation flexible screens. These particular OLED’S are used for two main reasons: 1. They allow the screens to be thinner and more flexible than synthetic counterparts. 2. They produce less radiation exposure to the user. This will play a huge roll in all electronic devices in the near future.

    Stealth Performance Communication SPC is the “Top 50 Most Innovative Sport Technology Companies in the World” by Hype Global Sport Innovation Foundation. We eliminate miscommunication in chaotic environments, such as the aforementioned, military/police sectors, sporting events, and even medical fields through the clever use of wearable technology. We have a $2.1B USD value proposition for the DoD alone. We are the future of clear communications during chaos.

    Check out: StealthPerformanceCommunication.com

    Check out our other story covering SPC:



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