2017 Tax Facts – Infographic

    Tax day is coming as New Theory is sharing some facts in a new Infographic.

    These days it’s hard for Americans to agree on anything.  One thing that we can agree on is we hate to pay taxes.  The only person who loves Tax Day is our venerable Uncle Sam.  People who were surveyed would do almost anything to get out of paying taxes: 1 out of 5 Americans would get an “IRS” tattoo in return for a tax-free future while 6% would name their first-born child “Taxes.”

    Here are some of the fun facts surrounding Tax Day in 2017:

    • 80% of taxpayers file electronically
    • Close to 20% would get a “tax” tattoo if it meant not paying taxes
    • 73% would rather do laundry than prepare taxes
    • Actor Nicholas Cage owed the IRS over $13 million

    Check out the complete Infographic below from WalletHub:

    Source: WalletHub
    Image Source: Google Images


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