Millennial On The Move: Kaylyn Plum

    Millennial On The Move, Introducing Kaylyn Plum

    But this Millennial knows how to treat aging skin.

    “Why would you want to move to New York?” she received for the fifteenth thousandth time.  “Because it’s the most amazing place on earth…the best of the best live here and I’m going to be one of the best.” *Cue the eye roll*

    Kaylyn relocated to NYC approximately six months ago, after graduating at the top of her class with honors in Physician assistant studies. Enjoying the fast-paced lifestyle she had become accustomed, she knew she had one last dream to achieve: relocate to the city that never sleeps.

    “New York combines all of the wonderful things you could only fantasize about experiencing, every where you turn there’s a new adventure or a dazzling individual to learn from.”


    Kaylyn began her passion for aesthetics after working alongside burn victims during her attendance at the University of Florida. These experiences combined with continuity of patient care gave Kaylyn a unique outlook on how the role of outer appearance coincides with inner self-confidence.

    “Aesthetics is noticing the asymmetries that the naked eye tends to over look or ignores, and being able to pinpoint the qualities that disrupt a person’s inner confidence the most. It is a passion to empower people to feel incredible in their own skin, and this field allows people to look beautiful and feel attractive at any age”

    Kaylyn’s unique abilities and education allow her to specialize and understand the pathophysiology in Anti-Aging and Skin Rejuvenation as well as how to properly treat it. Kaylyn address these through corrective skin treatments, ablative lasers, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, radio frequency, ultrasound treatments and other non-surgical, non-invasive medical aesthetics.

    Kaylyn believes that everyone deserves to achieve their own aesthetic goal, and has the pleasure of working alongside two brilliant Physicians, Dr. Philip Miller, a double board certified facial plastic surgeon and Dr. Douglas Steinbrech, a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in procedures of the body. This unique partnership allows patients to reach the aesthetic goal they desire by catering individual treatment plans using the most appropriate method, surgical or non-invasive.

    Kaylyn’s ultimate passion is treating aging and healing skin. Kaylyn feels that anti-aging is addressing the body as a whole, focusing on underlying structure as well as the surface.

    “In order to address anti-aging, you have to treat each layer. Your skin is the largest organ in your body. You can undergo a surgical procedure that can address the core lift, but if the icing on the cake is still cracked (the surface) you’re adding years to your overall appearance”

    Kaylyn’s advocates a multi-step regimen for daily skin care, which helps patients achieve maximal results. Step one is to always cleanse the skin, morning and night. She recommends a gentle cleanser that will maintain the skins barrier. Strong, acidic facewash can be over drying and cause more harm than good.

    She obviously has a passion for skin care as she landed at one of the most prestigious plastic surgery practices in the country, Gotham Plastic Surgery which comprises of Drs Douglas S. Steinbrech and Philip J. Miller in New York City.  She is making her mark in the aesthetic world and we’re happy to feature her a New Theory Millennial on the Move.


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