Curb Appeal: How to Boost Your Chances of Selling Your Home

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    If you have mulled over the topic of selling your home, we’re pretty sure you will have stumbled across the term “curb appeal”.

    This is something that has grabbed the real estate world by storm over the last few years. It’s a phrase that a lot of real estate agents swear by and can make the difference between a fast sale and ultimately, a slow one.

    Bearing this in mind, this is going to be the sole purpose of today’s post. Let’s now take a look at just what you can do to boost your curb appeal, and get your property sold a lot faster.

    Remove the clutter

    In truth, this first point is something that could apply to both the interior and exterior of your home. As the home furnishing magazines keep telling us, clutter is something which is the burden of all properties. While a lot of attention is placed on it from an internal perspective, let’s not forget that it can also affect your garden.

    Whether it’s garden furniture that has descended through generations, or plant pots that have seen better days, organize a good tidy. Sometimes, this might involve temporary solutions and looking at options for local storage, while on other occasions you just have to bite the bullet and throw some things away.

    Regardless of your approach, your curb appeal will benefit immensely. Instead of a patio of clutter, you’ll be left with a clean space that immediately raises positive energy with those potential buyers who pass by. The result? You’ll hopefully sell your home a lot faster, or just impress people more easily if that’s your end goal!

    Your front door and garden gate are key

    The first two items that a prospective buyer will physically touch are your front door and garden gate. Bearing this in mind, these are a crucial part of curb appeal.

    Most of the time, these entrances are left to rot and decay. We install them and then forget.

    Instead, don’t be shy about giving a lick of paint. Sure, installing new gates and doors is desirable, but not always necessary. Just sprucing them up with a splash of color can make all the difference and transform your home.

    Inject some light

    Not all of your house viewings are going to be conducted in broad daylight, and this can pose a problem if your house is coated in darkness.

    Another small tip with your battle against curb appeal is to invest in lighting. LED solutions are now completely accessible, while if you can make them symmetrical you will be onto a winner as well. It can just make your home more inviting, which can be all it takes.

    Mulch will always triumph

    For those of you hoping to sprinkle something onto your property and be met with great curb appeal – let’s bring you this next suggestion.

    Granted, mulch is never going to be a top preference for everyone, but it can make a big difference for the purposes of this topic. It’s something that can provide plenty of contrast and color to your flower and plant beds, but more importantly, it’s something that can disguise (and prevent the spread) of weeds. Particularly if your property has been languishing on the market for some time, weeds have probably started to emerge and by using mulch, you can comfortably manage the issue without getting too embroiled in regular garden maintenance.

    Clean your gutters

    It sounds utterly simple and doesn’t even need to cost you anything. The effect that can be made with clean gutters is mesmerizing though and can be just enough to make those first impressions count with a potential buyer. Clean them out, and make the PVC sparkling again. It will have been years since your home will have been blessed by such a clean frontage, and this is something else that can make all the difference.

    Use your garage door to make a difference

    Out of all of the tips that we mull over today, it could almost be argued that this next one is the one that makes the biggest impact. After all, from a pure space perspective, the garage door takes up a lot of this. It’s much bigger than the front door (which we have already spoken about) and can, therefore, contribute immensely to the curb appeal effect.

    If your garage door has seen better days, it’s time to take action. Sometimes, it might be a simple hack like changing the handle, but on other occasions, it might be the entire door that needs action. Whether it’s completely replacing it, or just giving it a lick of paint, this can be one tip that can really help you catch attention for all of the right reasons.


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