Recruitment Rules, The 5 Essentials For Running A Successful Group Interview

    Group interviews are huge time savers. Instead of spending many hours interviewing a slew of prospective employees, you can spend just a couple of hours interviewing them all at the same time. This interview format works well in many industries, so it pays to consider using it, especially if you’re short on time. 

    So, what makes for a good group interview? Here are five essentials that will make it a success and help ensure you’ll find the right person for the job:

    1. Fabric Banners

    When it comes to letting your interviewees know what they’re about to sign up for, fabric banners are a great way to get the word out. Not only can you create a cohesive message specifically to your brand, but you can also give a wealth of information they will need to understand what your company is about and what may be expected of them. 

    Because fabric banners are so lightweight and versatile, you can move them easily from place to place, store them quickly in little space, and even change them up from event to event as necessary to convey your message. 

    2. An Opening Message

    Before getting into the nitty-gritty of the interview, you should give the interviewees a short run-down of the job they’re interviewing for and the core values of your company. Introduce yourself and congratulate them on making it past the initial screening process. Inform them that everyone in attendance is qualified for the position. 

     3. The Right Questions

    Interviewing a group of people for the same position can get a little confusing, especially when candidates can hear each other’s answers. It’s important to ask questions that require a personalized answer, so one person isn’t influenced by the previous person’s answers.

    For example, you might ask, “Why do you think you’re the right person for the job?” or “Have you completed any recent projects you’re particularly proud of?” Another good question would be, “How were you able to contribute to the team on your last project?”

    Asking the right questions can really help you get to know the people you’re interviewing. 

    4. Group Discussion

    While it’s important to get to know each candidate one-on-one, it’s just as important to use group discussion to find out how well they work as a team. This will let you know each candidate’s ability to problem solve as a member of a team, and how well they listen to others, too. 

    To get the discussion started, pose a potential problem to the group and ask them to solve it. Pay close attention to each candidate’s problem-solving skills and how they react to the others’ suggestions. 

    5. End of Interview Closing

    While the candidates know not everyone will be hired, it’s important to let them know what they can expect in the coming weeks. Make sure you allow enough time at the end of the interview for everyone to ask any questions they may have and thank them all for attending. Give them a timeline for updates on the hiring process and make sure you stick to it. 

    Conducting a group interview can really save you time and money. When there isn’t enough time in a day, interviewing 10 people at the same time for a couple of hours rather than 10 people for an hour each just makes sense. The trick to running a successful group interview is making sure you have the right plan in place. Use the suggestions above and your next group interview will go off without a hitch.


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