Choosing the Right Antenna For Your CB Antenna Bracket


    When you’re searching online for an antenna to fit into your CB antenna bracket, there are quite a few things that you need to think about. The first question you’re likely to ask yourself is will it still fit inside my garage once it’s mounted? And it’s one that will probably be followed by what brand to choose.

    What we’re going to do now is go through the various different aspects that need to be covered before you take the plunge and buy one. 

    The Length of the Antenna – Ok, so you’ll get a longer range if your CB antenna bracket has a longer aerial in it, with the ideal length being around 102 inches. Of course, this is a bit impractical for most of us, as it’s going to be a pain for parking. For this reason, there are 8 inch CB antennas available that don’t have the same size issues, but naturally, the reception isn’t quite as good. However, the trade off is that you’ll be able to go through the drive thru!

    The Brand of the Antenna – Those in the know will tell you that you can save money on the quality of the CB radio when you go for a quality antenna. They’re generally quite cheap anyway, so buying a quality brand still won’t hit you too hard in the pocket, so we’d recommend going for one created by brands like Firestil, K-40 or Wilson. 

    Location of the coil – something else you’ll need to give serious consideration to is where you install your CB antenna bracket. You could opt for a base-loaded antenna which usually comes with a plastic covering and a magnet at the bottom. This type usually has the weight at the bottom, a thicker coil and is typically seen mounted on vehicle trunks and roofs.

    Another choice is the centre-load antenna, which despite its name does not have the coil in the middle. In reality, it’s near the bottom, however not as far down as the base. This is often the preferred choice when driving semis or large trucks. 

    Then we have top-loaded antennas, which represent the most common and least expensive option. This type is usually created from fibreglass and is often seen on cars, semis, RVs and trucks. 

    Going For the Option that Suits You Best

    The best choice of antenna for your CB antenna bracket is often dictated by the type of vehicle it’s going to be mounted on. You’ve basically got to think about the practicalities of using the vehicle every day. There’s no point mounting a 3ft antenna if it’s going to stop you putting your truck in your garage or using the local multi-storey car park.

    However, if you’re talking about getting a CB radio for a recreational vehicle that you’re going off-roading with, then these restrictions aren’t going to be anything like as severe. Plus, you’re going to benefit much more from the extended reach of your CB – especially if you get into trouble and need help at any point.

    So, there you have it. We really hope that our little blog has given you the information you need to make an informed choice about your CB antenna. 


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