Braydon Barrett Reveals: Why Cardio Is Making You Fat

    Did you know that cardio makes people fat? Cardio can be the worst thing you can do if you are trying to cut weight because long cardio workouts sabotage your body’s natural ability to burn belly fat. Most people who use cardio as a weight-loss strategy end up storing more fat instead of burning it. 

    So what happens when you do cardio? When you perform cardio, your body reacts to stress by suppressing T3, an important hormone produced by the thyroid, to burn fat. When the hormone is suppressed, the body starts gaining and storing fat immediately. Therefore, the more you perform cardio, the more you decrease T3 hormone production.

    About Braydon Barrett

    Braydon Barrett is a transformation coach in America who helps people lose fat without cardio and tracking calories. He has helped hundreds of men worldwide achieve their greatest physiques without wasting time in the gym exercising, dieting, or cardio. Braydon also helps them lose 40 pounds of fat and double their strength, and have the energy to become the greatest husbands and fathers in the world. He also coaches people focusing on a ‘minimal effective dose’ approach to training, lifestyle habits, and nutrition. Moreover, he is the founder of Look Like You Lift, which helps you achieve the body that makes you look good, strong, and perform better.

    How Cardio Made Braydon Fat

    Braydon was competing in Powerlifting and Strongman when he began adding excess weight. He adopted the ‘eat big to get big’ mentality because he knew he needed to be competitive in sports. He also started eating fast food and frozen pizzas to get the calories he needed to compete. As a result, he developed an unhealthy eating disorder and an energy drink addiction. He began feeling weak, wanting a nap after every meal, and had no energy throughout the day.

    Since he struggled a lot with his weight, he decided to cut it through dieting and perform cardio. For over 18 months of doing cardio and dieting, he did not lose even a single pound, but instead, he was losing muscles and strength. What he did not know is that cardio was making him fat and not lose weight. He was stuck in a vicious cycle of getting weaker and looking worse. Cardio puts massive amounts of stress on one’s body and increases the appetite causing you to consume more calories than needed.

    Losing Weight Without Cardio

    The secret of losing weight is not through cardio or tracking calories. When Braydon studied the body’s hormones and how they respond to different foods, he lost more than 65 pounds of fat in 6 months. He lost over 65 pounds and gained strength in the process. He inspires people’s lives by teaching them that they don’t need cardio and counting calories to lose fat.

    Do not struggle with weight problems anymore. For more information about losing weight without cardio, contact Braydon on Instagram.


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