Birth Certificate Online Service

    Getting an authorized copy of your birth certificate or replacing your original document after getting damaged or lost has always been a tedious process considering the long lines in government institutions. Our online birth certificate service helps you get all your documents in order and reviews your request application before sending it to the Vital Records Office. This is done right at home by filling a simple online application form in less than 5 minutes. It is a strategic service for you to take advantage of as it cuts down on your involvement and the trouble of fumbling through the numerous necessities required. Our team of experts is very experienced in the given field and we are more than eager to extend our professional services to our highly esteemed clients.  

    Our online platform is a private entity which is not managed by any government agency thus we are able to organize our services in a manner that caters to your needs expeditiously! Birth certificates are sensitive personal documents and government institutions make a lot of background checks to verify your application.  A single error or a missing requirement may terminate your application which leads to undesirable delays. As a professional preparer of vital records applications, we have you adequately sorted. We give your application first preference taking it through a conclusive review process before availing a complete application package for you to mail to the appropriate government agency. Your birth certificate will be delivered to your premises in a timely fashion.

    Other than offering you ready solutions from the convenience of your home we ensure that our platform is impregnable with a top of the line encryption that secures your personal data from unauthorized access. In the United States, birth certificates are a key document and a primary requirement when applying for essential services in public and private institutions.  The certificate is also a necessity when applying to new schools, enrolling for military service, registering for a driver’s license and even getting a new passport. The certificate confirms your identity in regards to your legal name, sex, place, and date of birth as well as details of your parents. Any application must be backed up by a document that verifies your identity. With a proven identity you are allowed to apply for a birth certificate for your direct family members. The family’s legal representative is also allowed to make such applications for you.

    Our online interphase is very user-friendly and every step is guided by clear and concise instructions up until you get your birth certificate. After getting and mailing your accurate application package to the vital records office you will be charged a processing fee depending on the rates stipulated by your individual state.  It is also important to note that government regulations require you to apply for a birth certificate in a specific state where you were born. The duration of processing your birth certificate depends on the specific time you applied. Normally it takes two to four weeks to have your document delivered to your doorstep but during peak seasons when most government agencies are overwhelmed by applications it could take longer.


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