Who is Getting Super Bowl 2019 Commercials?

    There is always a great fuss about who is getting the commercials in the next Super Bowl. Some expect humor-driven comedy moments, while others look forward to seeing emotional ads with heart-touching messages. Nobody knows how much CBS will charge for a 30 seconds ad in the 2019 Super Bowl, but a similar price to the last year one is expected, which was $5 million. Here are the brands, whose commercials will run on February 3, during the game held at Mercedes Benz Stadium, in Atlanta.

    1. M&M’s

    An ad with the funny spokescandies will be shown for the second consecutive year. The last year one featured a walking candy turning into a human, which was played by Danny DeVito. In the 2019 Super Bowl, the M&M’s ad will run during the first commercial break. This is a successful comeback of M&M’s on the Super Bowl stage, after missing three years in a row.

    1. Pringles  

    For the second consecutive year, Pringles comes to promote its “Flavor Stacking” campaign in front of the Super Bowl audience. The parent company of Pringles, Kellogg, confirmed that an ad with the fan-favorite chips will run during one of the commercial breaks. The ad will be created by agency Gray Group, which stood behind the last year ad, where Bill Hader starred.

    1. Mercedes Benz

    They could not miss the advertising event, since they own the stadium, where the 2019 Super Bowl is going to be held. The stadium is 14 miles from the US headquarters of the German automaker. Mercedes Benz is back in the commercial party after missing a year. In 2017, they advertised the Mercedes-AMG brand. Now, it is not known, yet what brand, and which length the advertisement will feature.

    1. Toyota

    Over the last eight years, Toyota sat out only once. With no details about the placement and the brand advertised, what is known for sure is that the ad will be created by agency Burrell, and the media part will by ran by Saatchi & Saatchi.

    1. Hyundai

    Hyundai is the veteran of Super Bowl, with 11 appearances in the last 12 years. The South Korean car brand is at its 4th consecutive participation, and pledges an advertising program, made by agency Innocean, that will feature a 60-second ad in the first commercial break, and an ad that will run in the pregame show, lasting 30 seconds.

    1. KIA

    For the 10th year in a row, KIA buys ad time during Super Bowl broadcast. The automobile company is known for its humor-driven commercials that involve a lot of celebrities. Although, the comedy style predictable, no details were yet revealed about the next celebrity, and the brand that the automaker will feature in its 2019 ad, which will be as always created by agency David&Goliath.

    1. Colgate

    In its second-ever Super Bowl appearance, the toothpaste brand appeals to laughs, coming with a 30-second humor-led ad that will feature Luke Wilson, in the main role. The ad will run in the third commercial break, and no motivation to buy Colgate products is expected. Recalling the 2016 ad, where people were encouraged to save water, a global and impactful message is expected to be delivered, too, in 2019 Super Bowl.


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