Benefits of Owning Runner Rugs and How to Choose One for the Home

    The “runner rug” is a term used to connote rugs that are narrow and long. These rugs are commonly designed with a rectangular shape. Although, some odd and unusual shapes are also available.

    Typically, a runner rug’s length is several times more than its breadth. Runner rugs are usually found in narrow hallways, home entrances, kitchen floors, staircases, and sometimes fronting the bathroom sink.

    So, why do homes need runner rugs?

    Runner rugs are great additions to any space in the home. They can inject depth and warmth to areas in the home whether narrow or spacious. A runner rug is also great when looking to add dimension to wiser areas like entryways where people often go with shoes on. This type of carpeting commonly does not have padding underneath which makes it easier to track dirt.

    Advantages of Using Runner Rugs at Home

    First, let us look at the benefits of owning and using runner rugs in home areas. Surprisingly, runner rugs provide some advantages to the home.

    • Runner rugs protect the floor

    Runner rugs are not only stylish and good-looking but they also add a factor of protection to the floors. This is especially true if a house has hardwood flooring or other types of flooring that are more prone to damage specifically in high traffic areas.

    A runner rug can keep dust particles away and protect floors from scratches. Take staircases, for example, having a runner carpet or rug installed is one way to make it more inviting and comfortable, at the same time, the stairs are safeguarded from the surge of pedestrian traffic. It also conceals big and tiny scratches and marks that homeowners need not worry about them ever again.

    Putting runner rugs in living areas exposed to heavy use making them prone to scratches and fading, makes these effects less damaging. 

    • Runner rugs make walking on floors more comfortable

    Runner rugs also make floors made from hardwood more comfortable to walk on. Installing them also provides better traction thereby reducing slips and falls over the smooth floor surface. Runner rugs provide warmth, comfort, and safety underfoot instead of just a hard, cold, and slippery floor.

    • Runner rugs are perfect for narrow, small spaces

    Because of their width, runner rugs fit in smaller areas where a larger area rug does not suit or fit. It is a prime reason for runner rugs’ popularity with homeowners. A cold hallway, a dull bedroom floor, or a small bathroom area can easily be transformed into warm and splendid spaces. 

    • Runner rugs connect home spaces

    Regardless of the size of a home, the size of runner rugs should be thought of carefully for homeowners to make the most of their spaces. Keep in mind that a wrong runner rug size can make a room feel cramped or not as good-looking. A well-chosen runner rug, on the other hand, ties together several elements in a given area at the same time enhancing its design (which should also be well-thought!) for guests to leave a good first impression. 

    • Runner rugs reduce noises

    Another benefit of installing a runner rug in the home is that it is a great way to decrease the noise from having to walk on the floor with shoes on. Having runner rugs instantly reduces noise and makes the surroundings quieter overall even with a lot of commotion or foot traffic.

    Runner rugs are such comfort to have around. It also adds character and causes dull spaces to liven up. To add to this, installing it does not involve any specialized equipment or material and it is set up in no time. The rug is just placed on the floor and it’s done.

    How to Choose Runner Rugs

    Homeowners should know how to choose a runner rug to maximize its benefits. Here are some tips on what to keep in mind when picking runner rugs:

    • Runner Rugs Texture

    As in any home accessory, rugs come in different shapes and forms. In making decisions on which runner rug to choose, homeowners may find themselves daunted by the task. Make sure to choose the texture of the rug carefully as it helps evoke certain feelings or sentiments for the area it will be placed in. For example, a felt runner rug will promote a relaxed and unwinding-conducive ambiance. 

    • Runner Rugs Material

    Runner rugs are often placed in areas with high foot traffic. The material with which they are made is of key importance. Wool runner rugs are highly recommended as they are durable and suitable for pets and everyday walking. Consider also other materials that resist dirt and spills, and spring back to their shape without further issues. Choose runner rug materials that can be easily vacuumed during the cleaning process.

    If the homeowners have pets, make sure to keep in mind to choose those materials that are friendly to these creatures before making the purchase.

    • Runner Rugs Design

    The right quality runner rug with a superb choice of style is great for any room. Having runner rugs of the homeowner’s design choice gives them a chance to show their taste and style. Even these rugs reflect the homeowner’s personality. A lot of online stores offer a wide range of designs that will fit traditional rooms and sleek, modern spaces alike. There are as many choices as there is room for concepts.

    • Runner Rugs Color

    As with runner rug style and design, the color with which runner rugs come is a prime consideration. The color of the rug should go and jive with the theme of the room. The color of the rug can vary from muted tones to bold, contrasting colors. The color of runner rugs alone can already be a statement in itself. It is great to think that something as simple as a runner rug can have a great effect on the moon of the room.

    Consider these different benefits of owning a runner rug and tips on what to consider when choosing one for any given space. Keep in mind that there are a lot of unique, perfect choices for runner rugs.

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