Painting of Rugs for Renovation of Home

    The home’s renovation is necessary to make the home adorable as you know that the renovation of the home requires money. That’s why some people decide to paint furniture and other things in the home. They decide to paint the rug. So some people are confused about how to change the current condition of the rug. They don’t know how to make the perfect matched rug according to the house’s new interior designing. If you renovate your whole home along with the interior designing changes, the old rugs will not look good when placed after the changes in the interior decoration of the whole house. Thus it required to paint to make changes in the appearance of the rug.

    As you know, Area Rugs become old as time passes. The old rug sometimes required changes to create a new look of the rug. Some people use heirloom rugs, and these rugs are passed from generation to generation. Hence, you know people properly use heirloom rugs. Thus, the heirloom rugs’ life will enhance due to proper care by the people if these rugs are painted, so the look of these rugs will enhance, and then it starts to glow. It will become adorable after it has been painted.

    How to get started

    Before getting started to paint the rug, a few essential points, you need to keep in mind. You evaluated the interior design of your home. The color combination and the interior design must be matched perfectly to the rugs. Decide the color for painting according to the view of that area where you will place the rug. 

    The colors you choose for painting the rugs are an essential thing because the color must be perfectly matched according to the room decoration and the wall color. Suppose you choose the colors that will not suit the room’s interior design, so the presence of rugs declines the whole room’s beauty.

    Think about the design that you will draw. It requires in-depth analysis and critical thinking about what to draw and whatnot. You can also get help through the internet, where you will find various designs and then utilize your creative mind to sketch the design. Gather all the materials for painting the rugs before starting painting.

    How to do fabric painting

    After gathering all the painting materials, the next step is to do the fabric painting after drawing the design sketch on the rugs. If you are confused about drawing the sketch, so search for various designs on the internet. After seeing various designs, you will get the ideas to draw the creative sketch.

    Choice of the fabric painting is essential because the color must be washable. If you choose the color without analysis and after painting, the rugs will release the color, thus your whole hard work will be wasted, and the rug color becomes dull. The color must be waterproof for the rug painting.

    It depends on you that you will choose the stenciling or stamps for painting the rug. Put the color of the paint on the palette or waxed paper. Then, blot it gradually around the stencil with the brush that will be dipped in the fabric paint. This is called the dry brush technique that is utilized by stenciling.

    The other method is the stamp painting, in which you will purchase the designed stamp. These stamps are put in the fabric painting and then stamped on the rug. Thus the colorful design will easily be printed on the rug, and it does not require hard work to draw the design sketch and then use the stenciling method. Stamp painting is the easiest method. 

    You can purchase any color according to the room’s color. Make the perfect combinations of colors to adore the whole design. Choose 2-3 or 3-4 colors according to the sketch’s pattern and design that you will draw on the rug. Imagine the view of how it will look after painting through these specific colors. Then start painting on rugs after finalizing the perfect combination of colors.

    Apply the color on the piece of fabric, and then after drying it wash the fabric. Before applying on the rug, you merely require it. Suppose you will apply directly on the rugs, and then after drying, you will wash it. When the color will release during the wash, that means your painting and work will be wasted. So do paint the small piece of fabric first. 

    Suppose the wall color is blue and the sofas are of cream color in the living room. The other home décor things are also present according to that color so paint the Blue Rugs that will perfectly match the room. Thus the appearance of the living room will become gorgeous.

    Use the fabric dye

    The fabric dye doesn’t remove from the hands. If you try to scratch it, the hands will start bleeding due to the removal of the skin, so I prefer to wear gloves before starting painting so your hands will not get spotted while painting. The color of the fabric paint is permanent.

    A wide range of people are afraid of the fabric paints because of the permanent. The spots of the painting will be created while you do fabric painting on anything. That’s why people are afraid of this painting. Cover the area where you are painting the rugs and cover your hands with gloves so the painting will not appear on any side.

    The ordinary rug can turn into well-designed rugs due to fabric paint if you will be successful in painting the first rug so you would like to paint other rugs of your home. Then you will paint other rugs, and thus the appearance of your house will become adorable through good design and painted rugs. 

    If you would like to replace the rugs, visit RugKnots and purchase the rugs according to your home décor and your wall’s color. Select the suitable design that will perfectly match your house and create the appearance better of your house. Keep in mind your house’s view before purchasing the rugs, so the purchased rugs will enhance the appearance and look of your whole home.


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