Are You Born an Entrepreneur? Grant Cardone Epic Interview with Jeremy Ryan Slate

    Are You Born an Entrepreneur?

    Jeremy Ryan Slate, sat down with Grant Cardone in this epic interview on the Create Your Own Life Podcast.

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    Here are the full transcripts of the interview – Be Obsessed or Be Average!

    Are we born an entrepreneur? Is it in our DNA? The Millennial generation seems to have a different idea on money, work and how we achieve freedom. Gary Vaynerchuk has pounded the drum for entrepreneurship being on our DNA, but Grant Cardone begs to differ. Cardone thinks millennials see what’s different and in this sit down I get to ask Grant just he thinks millennials want in life and how he responded really surprised me.

    Jeremy Slate: It’s been one of the frequent topics on this show. And I actually got to ask Gary Vee about it at a conference, the current disturbing trend in entrepreneurship and also what’s going on with millennial entrepreneurs. We seen other people acknowledge this same trend and say millennials are lazy. Do you think the millennial generation is lazy?

    Grant Cardone: Number one, I love Gary. Gary’s a good guy. Me and Gary have some completely different views of a number of these things. He believes entrepreneurs can’t be made that they’re just DNA, genetically created. I absolutely don’t believe that. Anybody can learn to be an entrepreneur. If Gary Vee can be a successful entrepreneur, anybody can do it. I own five businesses that’ll do 100 million bucks this year. If I can do this, anybody can do it.

    And also, Gary says, “Dan that makes 40 grand working for a company is better off working for himself and making the same 40 grand.” I completely disagree with that. Nobody is better off making 40 grand, because you’re in poverty at 40k. The reality is you cannot move on planet earth with 40 grand. You can’t expand. You can’t grow. You can’t get known.

    The other thing Gary says is he doesn’t do anything he doesn’t like to do. Good for Gary. I’ve picked up shit, urine. I still do it today. I do whatever I’ve got to do. I’m taking care of myself, my dreams, my family, my church, my community. I’ll do whatever it takes. I’m never above doing stuff that I don’t want to do.

    So back to the point about the millennials. They are the smartest generation of people that I have ever seen. And by the way, they’re not lazy. They’re just not stupid. Okay? They’re hung up. They’re a little bit trapped by, they’re looking around seeing their moms and dads and their grandparents and saying, “Hey, this whole, all this stuff you guys believe in, failed you. Buying a house failed you. That wasn’t a good deal. That was a terrible deal.” The middle class is built on buying a house. You lost your mobility. Mom and dad bought a house in Mobile, Alabama and lived there for 35 years. They couldn’t move. Okay? What about Detroit? They’re in Detroit or they’re in Chicago in some bad neighborhood and they bought a house. They’re stuck. I can’t move. I got a mortgage. The economy changes. Opportunities are in some other part of the world, maybe they’re in Panama, or maybe they’re in Saudi, or maybe they’re in another part of Arizona. And I need to leave and I can’t because of the house. So they saw that fail.

    They saw the colleges fail them. We’ve got 1.3 trillion dollars worth of debt, me and Gary do agree on the college thing. It’s a total scam. If you’re not going there with a purpose, I mean like a big purpose, and going to the top schools and meeting the top people on this planet that can get you connected, there’s no reason to go to college unless you’re a brain surgeon. And who would want to do that?

    So I just think millennials are really, really bright people. They’re in a catharsis of change, of really dynamic change right now. And they’re a bit rebellious about the things they’ve seen that haven’t worked. And then they puke on everything else right now. But dude, they’re going to straighten it out. I think they’re really bright people.

    Jeremy Slate: Well, how do they straighten it out? If they’re seeing that what their parents have done isn’t working. They’re not making money to really get ahead. And instead of just becoming affected to that, how do they actually decide to do something about it?

    Grant Cardone: Look, pick any topic, any topic. So the millennial’s out there thinking, and you pick any topic. You need money. Don’t care what it is, girlfriend, boyfriend, project, vacation, hospice. I don’t care man. You need money to get there. You need money to stay there. You guys need money. You need a lot of money. You need way more money than you’re ever dreaming about. That’s why when somebody says, “Hey, you can make 60 grand working for yourself.” You make 60 grand working for yourself, you should put a gun in your face, okay?

    So you know what I’m saying. I’m just saying, that dude, because you guys, why do you guys hate on people that say they want to get rich? See, this is your mommy and daddy. The same mommy and daddy you rebel on, you inherit some of their ideas. “Oh, I don’t want to be a one percenter.” Me either. I want to be like a .0003 of one percenter.

    Jeremy Slate: Well, because money is energy. And that’s the only way you’re actually going to do anything.

    Grant Cardone: Exactly, man. Money is energy. People that get out there and do big things, they’re not criminals and thieves, those guys go to jail. Or they end up dying with these black souls. See, I make a lot of money and I’m happy man. They say money doesn’t make you happy. I’m like, “Well, you never made any money.”

    I did a deal three years ago. I just sold it yesterday. I made $9 million. I got a check for $9 million okay? I’m like, ” I’m happy. I got to tell you man. I saw a check for nine. It’s got seven digits in it, commas, two commas.” I’m like “Damn, dude, that’s freaking sick.” Why does it make me happy, because I made a good decision. I put my money where my balls were. Okay? I put my money on the line. I made a good decision. It worked out. I was right. I was right. When other people didn’t buy it, I did. Okay? I was right. Makes me feel good.

    And if I can do that, 30 or 40 times a year or a hundred times in my life or a thousand times, the more right you can be in life, okay? The better you’re going to feel about yourself. It’s really not about money. But if you’re going to be right over and over, you should get paid. That’s the marketplace.

    And anybody that rebels against the marketplace paying you, if you don’t like the money, then give it away now. But right now, you can’t do either one.

    I was in an unemployment line when I was 21 years old. I’m in the unemployment line, dude. Okay? Now if you’ve ever been in an unemployment line, you know what that feels like. It’s terrible. Unless you forgot what it’s like, because the first time you were in the line, you never imagined you were going to be in that line. Bill Gates says, “If you were born poor, that’s one thing. If you stay poor, that’s another thing.” If you were born poor, it’s not your fault. If you stay poor, shame on you.

    So I know I felt miserable, man, at 21 years old, standing in an unemployment line with an education when at eight years old and no education, I had more money than I had at 21. Something wrong with that, man. So be obsessed with your money. Be obsessed with getting money. Be obsessed with doing great things with money.

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